Affiliate Secret Success Sauce

So many new affiliates struggle to generate traffic, that converts into commission payments. For many, finding high quality products t promote, and building their lead pages is drop dead easy. But when it comes to launching their affiliate campaigns, they hit a brick wall.

They're stuck, unable to figure out how to turn their platform into a money-maker.

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry after all. There are often hundreds of other affiliates targeting the same audience. So how can you stand out and increase the odd that potential buyers will click on YOUR link to purchase and not someone else’s?

This is where the power of bonus offers come into play.

Here's the thing: it doesn't have to take you a lot of time and money. You don't even have to create the offer yourself, but if you really want to capture the attention of prospects an make people stop and listen to what you have to say, you need to wave a giant flag in their face that screams I HAVE SOMETHING FRESH TO OFFER!

Potential customers have likely seen similar affiliate campaigns, right? Chances are, you aren't the only person promoting said product.

So, why should anyone purchase through you rather than through someone else, or go directly to the source?

You gotta give them a clear reason to buy from you otherwise you'll lose any chance at converting that prospect into a customer.

So, how do you do that? You create an offer that is irresistible, relevant and available only to those who purchase through your affiliate links.

This is often called a bonus product, but I've use many different terms, including: Value Enhancer an Free Upgrade. What this does is tell potential prospects that they're getting more bang for their buck just by purchasing through me.

What kind of product enhancers/bonus offers are my all-time winners? I'll give you some bestselling examples later. For now, think about this scenario for a moment, if you will.

You’re interested in building a website and are currently evaluating a couple different we development companies. One guy is offering to set up your entire website for $599 and the other for the same price. Both are skilled designers who are more than capable of getting the job done. And they both tell you that they can get the job done within a week.

So, how do you choose who to go with? What if designer #1 offered to give you a video tutorial that guided you every step of the way to managing your website once he’s designed i for you?

This incredible help would be priceless, right? After all, you’re new at running a website an you know that the design is only the foundation of it. You then need to learn how to update a needed and further customize as your business grows.

This “bonus” tutorial would likely sway you into choosing designer #1 over #2. And it didn’t take a lot of this guy’s time to create a quick video tutorial for you. That’s the power of going the extra mile an offering someone more bang for their buck.

In affiliate marketing, this strategy is used all the time. Affiliates will package up auxiliary components that are relevant to the products they are promoting, and then present it to potential customers as a way of standing apart from other marketers.

And at there is no shortage of bonus content and products you can use to create outstanding offers for virtually an affiliate campaign.



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