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The Story of Autism From Beginning To End



The 30 presentations below tell the complete story of autism. How it begins and how it can end. None of the information included in these presentations has ever been revealed before, so prepare yourself. What you learn in these slides is going to change your thinking about autism forever.


Simply click on a slide to watch. I recommend watching them in order, because the process of wiring dysfunction is a stealthy one, it starts very subtly and builds as the brain develops. The dominoes topple one after the other, so makes the most sense to view the series sequentially. The presentations are short, each one is only 14-20 slides, but don't feel you have to view them all at once. You can bookmark this page and return to it as often as you like.

The Presentation Below is an AN OVERVIEW of ALL 30 Presentations


It is intended just to give you a small taste of what is included in each of the parts above.

I Really Care About What You Think!

PLEASE FEEL FREE to share these presentations with anybody you know who will benefit from them. Anyone who has a child with autism, knows somebody with autism, works in the medical or any related profession - basically anyone who has any connection to autism at all. It is so important that we all do our part to increase the understanding of autism and how we can best help those who are on the spectrum to lead happier, more productive lives. I am only one person and my reach is not nearly far enough.


Here is a link to the The Story of Autism MAIN PAGE you can use:

Thank you so much in advance to taking the time to watch the presentations. I hope you left a comment, even if it's only your name, because any feedback means a lot to me.

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