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Hover your cursor over the image above and click on the arrows to watch the slideshow. If you would prefer to view or download the story in PDF format, simply click the PDF icon.

I Really Care About What You Think!

PLEASE FEEL FREE to share these presentations with anybody you know who will benefit from them. Anyone who has a child with autism, knows somebody with autism, works in the medical or any related profession - basically anyone who has any connection to autism at all. It is so important that we all do our part to increase the understanding of autism and how we can best help those who are on the spectrum to lead happier, more productive lives. I am only one person and my reach is not nearly far enough.


Here is a link to the The Story of Autism MAIN PAGE you can use:

Thank you so much in advance to taking the time to watch the presentations. I hope you left a comment, even if it's only your name, because any feedback means a lot to me.

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