We've put a unique spin on traditional video creation by combining the very best content with exceptional art work, photography and cinematography.

Our video vignettes pair impactful video clips with inspirational and memorable quotes. Other video collections pair noteworthy, humorous and thought provoking quotes and commentary with striking graphics and art work.


What differentiates our videos further is that each one comes complete with an editable PowerPoint presentation, so that you can brand the content and use it in a variety of ways for viral social media spread.

Simply click on an image below to view the video collection.

Man's Best Friend Videos - Set 1
24 Dog Lovers' Viral Videos
Man's Best Friend Videos - Set 2
26 Dog Lovers' Viral Videos
Timeless Video Quote Collection
25 Videos
Timeless Video Quote Collection
25 Video
Movie and Song Video Quotes
Coming Soon!
Virtual Visit Videos
Video Vignettes - Set 1  (34 Videos)
Video Vignettes - Set 2  (35 Videos)
Video Vignettes - Set 3  (22 Videos)
Video Vignettes - Set 4  (20 Videos)
Strong Women Are Beautiful Women Art Quote Videos
With Age Comes Wisdom and Wit Video Art Quotes
George Carlin Classic One Liners
Let's LOL At Being Ourselves Videos
Strong Women Have Attitude Video Art Quotes
Content Marketing Wisdom Video Quotes
Self Improvement Words of Wisdom Video Quotes
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The Tale of Covid-19


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