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A Penetrating Look Inside The Mind of Autism

"Autism Is The Sensory Upheaval of The Brain."

My daughter Meaghan responded succinctly, when asked pointblank by an expert in the field what it was.


The answer surprised him and it would have surprised us, but by then we were used to the remarkable things that she had to say. We just couldn't explain them. How do you explain someone who has two distinct personalities: the awkward, repetitive autistic one we lived with for the first 28 years of her life, and the other insightful, intelligent one that has emerged since we discovered that she could write.


Meaghan started typing with support four years ago. Today, after a lot of hard work, she is able to type independently. This has changed her life and ours in ways you cannot imagine. It is our hope that this collaboration will help others come to a better understanding of those whose brains are different than ours. I guarantee that the contents of all the PDFs below will surprise you as the information is eye-opening. Please read them and let others know about them, not just those who have loved ones on the spectrum, but anyone else who you feel would benefit from looking at the autistic brain from a bold, new perspective.

Thank You!                                                                              

Meaghan and Gail Buckley

If you would prefer to read each part of the report separately, you can do so by clicking on the segments below.

Each chapter will open in a new window.

Again, you can read the full report by just clicking on the cover image below. The report will open in a new window. If you would prefer to download the report, click on the download icon when it's open, or you can right click on this link: The Meaghan Report.


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