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31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 31 - Plan a Marketing Strategy, Part 2

31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 31 - Plan a Marketing Strategy, Part 2

Last time you received an overview of setting up your lead page. Now what you need to do is get traffic to that lead page so that you can start building your list and promoting your package to these prospects.

With that end in mind, here’s an overview of some of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your lead page…

Use Social Media Marketing

If you’re not already using social media (such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and similar), now is a good time to start. Follow these general best practices:

· Don’t spread yourself too thin. Determine the top two or three sites where your niche congregates and focus on building your networks there.

· Fill out your profile completely. Use branded images, include your web link, and fill out a few lines about your business.

· Share a lot of useful content. You won’t get too far if you post a lot of promos. Instead, focus on promoting really useful content that’s likely to get shared, and use this content to send people to your lead page.

· Interact with your followers. Like, share and reply to content that your followers post on your page.

· Install social media buttons on your blog. This makes it easy for blog visitors to share your content more widely.


Utilize Guest Blogging

The idea here is to create high-quality content, include a link to your lead page, and then publish this content on other peoples’ blogs. You can find these blogs by searching Google for your niche keywords (such as “dog training”) alongside words such as:

· Guest blogging.

· Submit article.

· Guest article guidelines.

· Blogs that accept guest content.

· Guest blogging guidelines.

· Article submission.

· Article submission guidelines.

Once you find suitable opportunities, be sure to read and follow their guidelines carefully.

Do Joint Ventures

The idea here is to team up with other people in your niche, and then co-promote each other. For example, you can promote each other’s lead pages in your respective newsletters, on your blogs, and on your social media pages.

Place Paid Ads

Still another good way to drive traffic to your lead page is with paid advertising on niche sites or by using ad platforms such as Facebook or Google. Follow these tips:

· Choose a highly targeted audience. Whether you’re picking keywords or selecting an audience, aim for a targeted, narrow audience. The more targeted your audience, the higher conversion rate you’ll enjoy.

· Test your ads. Track and test until you’ve got a good conversion rate with your ad campaigns.

· Start small with new venues. Do a small ad buy on new venues to test the waters. If you get a good response, then you can invest in a bigger ad buy.


Set Up an Affiliate Program

Still another way to get traffic to your site is by setting up an affiliate program. In this case, however, you’ll want to drive traffic directly to your sales page for the package (not to a lead page). That way, affiliates can do the pre-selling, and they won’t have to worry about losing out on commissions when you promote products to your list.

Follow these tips:

· Use a reliable platform. For example, most affiliates like and trust, because they know they’ll get paid.

· Offer at least 50% commissions. You may offer higher commissions for super affiliates and special partners.

· Make it easy to promote. Give your affiliates emails, blog posts, graphical ads and other materials to promote your offer.

· Motivate affiliates. You can offer coupons, flash sales, do affiliate contests, and even just send out weekly emails to motivate your marketing partners.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task today is to continue developing your marketing strategy. Note that your strategy should focus on getting one advertising method up and running (and getting results) before you add another method.

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