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31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 30 - Plan a Marketing Strategy, Part 1

31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 30 - Plan a Marketing Strategy, Part 1

You’ve now completed all the steps required to create your first profitable package out of PLR content, get the bonuses ready, and get your website ready to start taking orders. Your next step is to design a marketing strategy for your package.

Take note that the in-depth steps and details required in setting up a marketing strategy are beyond the scope of this guide. Nonetheless, over the next two days you’re going to get an overview of what to do so that you can get off on the right foot.

To that end, we’re going to focus on a very simple strategy:

1. Set up a lead page so that you can begin building a list of likely buyers (that’s today’s lesson).

2. Send traffic to this lead page (that’s tomorrow’s lesson).

Let’s get started by looking at the pieces you need to snap into place to set up your lead page…

Create a Lead Magnet

The first thing you need to do is create an attractive product that you can use to entice people to join your list. Your lead magnet should have the following characteristics:

· Valuable. Your lead magnet should be something that you could easily sell. Indeed, it may be something that your competitors ARE selling, but you’re giving it in exchange for an email address.

· Desirable. Do your market research to see what your audience wants, and create something that’s even better than what’s currently on the market.

· Easy to deliver. You want to distribute a lead magnet automatically, without any manual labor on your part. That’s why you’ll want to choose a digital product such as a video, access to a membership site, report, tools (like templates and worksheets), apps, or similar.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to create your lead magnet from scratch, nor do you need to outsource it. There are two other options:

1. Use PLR content to create it. Just follow the steps from earlier in this guide to create something valuable, useful and unique.

2. Splinter off a part of your paid package. If you have multiple tools and resources in your package, then pull one out to give away for free. For example, if you have a copywriting package, then pull out a sales letter template to use as a lead magnet.

The advantage of splintering is that your lead magnet naturally leads to the paid product, so your call to action is easy. E.G., “If you liked this resource, then you’ll love the entire package. Click here to claim your copy now before the price jumps!”

Set Up a Lead Page

Your next step is to set up a mini sales letter to promote your lead magnet. This doesn’t need to be long: a benefit-driven headline, a bulleted list of the half a dozen of the top benefits, a call to action will suffice.

Develop an Autoresponder Series

Finally, you’ll want to set up an initial autoresponder series of around three to five emails to promote your package. This series should do the following:

1. Provide useful information, which helps build trust with readers and solves part of their problems.

2. Promote your package as the solution to the rest of their problem.

For example, if you’re selling a copywriting package, then your autoresponder series might be, “The Five Steps to Crafting a Cash-Pulling Sales Letter.” Each email shares an overview of one step, and then at the end of the email you promote the package as the solution to the reader’s problem.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task is to start planning your marketing strategy. Answer these questions: What sort of lead magnet will you use to attract prospects? What sort of emails will you send to convert these prospects into buyers?

Once you’ve worked out the details, then create a plan for how to implement these details. For example, commit to spending next two or three days creating your lead magnet, your lead page and your initial autoresponder series.

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