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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 30 - Set Up Your Site to Take Orders, Part 2

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 30 - Set Up Your Site to Take Orders, Part 2

Today you’ll be continuing with the task of getting your site all set up and ready to go. To that end, here are some tips and instructions…

Create Your Payment Button

Your sales page is already complete, and you’ve decided how much you’re charging for memberships. Now you need to create your payment button. Most payment processors provide very good instructions for doing this. You’ll need to enter your price, whether it’s a recurring bill, and where customers should be directed to once their order is complete.

Once you’ve created this button, you’ll be given a little piece of code. You can then copy and paste this code into the sales letter where you want the order button to appear. (Or have your tech person do this if you’d rather not handle it.)

Insert Backend Offers

Before you get everything uploaded, you’ll want to insert your backend offers, where appropriate. This includes:

· A cross-sell during the actual ordering process.

· A promotion on the download page.

· A promotion in the very first email you send to members.

Here’s a special note about promoting something during the ordering process: keep in mind that your customer has already decided to join your PLR membership site. This means you don’t need to sell them on the idea of joining the site again. Instead, you’re ONLY selling them on the idea of purchasing your related offer.

Think of how McDonald’s does this. When you order something, they’ll ask you something along these lines: “Would you like to add fries for just 40 cents more?”

Take note of the framing. They don’t get you focusing on the total price. Instead, they only focus on the smaller number, which is for the addition that they’re suggesting. Again, that’s because you’re already sold on the main offer, so they don’t want you focusing on the end price.

You can do the same thing with your membership cross-sell framing. E.G., “Would you like to add this PLR course to your order for just $25?”

TODAY’S TASK: Your task today is to finish setting up your site.

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