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Pre-selling by Reviewing

Pre-selling by Reviewing

People want to know more about the products they are thinking about buying. They don’t want to buy blindly, especially not in today’s day and age. Gone are the days when people only had access to items in their local stores. They really didn’t need to read reviews because there weren’t any other choices – they had to go with what was there.

That’s not the case these days. Today, people can buy whatever they want online. It doesn’t matter if they live across the country or even across the world-- they can access the exact products they want.

This gives people many more choices. It’s a wonderful thing, although it does have its downsides. For one thing, there are so many choices that it can be hard to make a decision. Should you buy this thing or that thing? Would this product serve your purposes better or would a different product serve your purposes better?

The fact that there are so many choices out there and that people are afraid of making the wrong decision is what drives people to research the products they are interested in online. People search for product reviews every day. They compare and contrast different products. They really want to make a smart decision.

Not only do they want to make sure that the product they choose will be the best possible option, but they also want to take price into consideration. They want to find a great deal. People feel good and are more positive about a product when they find a good deal on it.

It also helps if they know that others are enjoying the product they’re interested in. This social proof gives people a sort of confidence they wouldn’t otherwise have. If they know others love it, then the chances are good that they will love it as well.

These are all important factors to take into consideration for you as a copywriter. Your job is to get people to buy things. So yes, this means using the psychology of sales. This means persuading people to buy things.

But, they aren’t going to buy it just because you tell them to. There’s so much more that goes into it with today’s savvy consumers.

They’ll want to buy if they know that it’s the best possible product option, if it’s the best possible price, and if they know that others love it too.

In fact, you might find that you start to get even more sales than you previously did if you focus on what humans really want. Humans don’t really want to be marketed to. Sure, they want all of the things we’ve already talked about. But that doesn’t mean they love to be sold to. Or at least, they don’t want to be conscious of the fact that they’re being sold to.

So, as a copywriter, you can take on sort of a different role than you ever have before. You can become that trusted friend who is showing them that the product you are promoting is the right one for them. You can do this by writing product reviews.

You don’t have to paint a pretty picture of the product. You can be honest about its flaws – be honest about its good parts and not so good parts. You can compare it to other products on the market. And, yes, you can use the psychology of sales to really entice people to go ahead and buy.

You want people to trust you. People don’t always trust marketers, commercials, and advertisements. But, you know what they do trust? They trust product reviews. When people are open and honest with them within a product review, they are a lot more likely to buy.

You want to win people over and start to build that relationship right away. You want to show people that you have their best interests at heart. Product reviews can be a fantastic way to do that.

Instead of writing straight sales copy and ads, you can also write product reviews to present to your audience. You can also do a comparison and contrast within your sales copy.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to think about what people really want. Think about how you can best present the product you’re trying to sell while being honest about its flaws and honest about whether or not it will really help the people in your target audience.

You can create product reviews for a product you’re promoting as an affiliate or products that are your own. Product reviews can work better if you do not own the product. People tend to trust those outside of the source than the source itself. With that said, there are ways that you can adopt this philosophy and way of promotion even if you are the product creator.

How to Create a Great Product Review

I’ll talk about the specifics of how to create a great product review. This really isn’t that difficult at all.

One of the first things you should do is break down all of the features and benefits of the product. This is for your own benefit. List everything that comes to mind. Go through your product, top to bottom, and write everything down.

Then, do some further brainstorming. You should know this product inside and out.

Now, take some time to get to know what people liked and didn’t like about similar products on the market. Look at what they’re talking about on social media and on relevant forums, when it comes to topics related to your product.

If the product has been reviewed by others before, such as on Amazon or other sales sites, take a look at those reviews. What do people like and dislike? How have they presented their reviews? How have people responded to those reviews?

Take notes on everything you find. If you know everything there is to know about your product and everything there is to know about the people in your market, then you can very easily write a fantastic review.

Now, come up with a great headline for your review. You are a copywriter, or you know how to write copy, so the same principles apply for how you would write a headline for a product review.

Think about something eye-catching. Feature the main benefit within your headline. You only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention – make sure you do that right in the headline.

Then, you need to have a way to keep people reading. Start your introduction off by stirring up emotions and talking about the problems they have. Launch into a story that relates to the problems they have and how you have gone through a sort of heroes journey and have found the solution.

Since this is a product review, you want to talk the product fairly early on. Talk about its good parts and its bad parts. Talk about how it relates to the problem at hand.

You may want to use bullet points to list its features and benefits. Talk about what you like and don’t like about it. Talk about what others like and don’t like about it. Talk about who it’s best for. Also, share where people can find the best possible deal on the product.

Make sure you’re personable, real, and honest with your audience. They want to know what you really think. They want to know everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Of course, you believe in the product so your product review will likely be positive overall. There’s no problem with that. As long as you know that the product is good for your audience, then they will see that through your writing.

Again, you can place this product review on its own on the blog, within an article, or wherever you want to put it. Or, you can make it part of your sales copy somehow.

Your product review may feature comparisons to other products or it might stand alone. It might feature comparison tables that break down the features and benefits, or it might be more simplistic than that. The bottom line is that you should make your product review your own. Think about how you can use this as part of your copywriting, article marketing, affiliate marketing, or niche products sales.

Start Writing Product Reviews

Whether you’re new or experienced, get started writing product reviews. You’ll probably see that your conversions are higher than you’ve experienced with other types of articles or even with typical sales copy.

Write new product reviews over time. The more product reviews you have out there, and the more buy buttons you have out there, the more sales you are likely to make.

Hopefully, you’ll find that writing product reviews is surprisingly fun rather than just a chore. And I certainly hope you find it profitable. The fact that writing a simple product review can lead to a fantastic income is even more of an enticement.

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