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Writing Killer Reviews That Turn Into Commissions

Writing Killer Reviews That Turn Into Commissions

So, you're ready to build a niche authority affiliate site that features detailed, helpful reviews that will reassure potential buyers and help them make the decision to purchase through your affiliate link. This is by far the best way to build future-proof platform as an affiliate marketer.

Here's how to get started

Reviews need to be written so that the demonstrate to potential customers that you have personally evaluated the product, an have experience using the material.

You also want to make sure they come across as genuine and authentic, so write in conversational-style as though you are talking to a friend. Potential customers don't want t read reviews from affiliates when they believe that the only reason you are recommending product is because you will earn a commission from doing so.

Make sure you refrain from promotional pitches!

Instead, focus on creating informative content that addresses their concerns, highlights the pros and cons and provides in-depth insight into what the product can do for them. Focus on the benefits rather than a list o features. Benefits will emphasize how the product will help them in some way, and that’ all buyers care about.

Create a post that outlines that things you liked about the product as well as the thing you didn’t. This will demonstrate your honest and come off as much more genuine, rather than a glowing review that only highlights the man reasons why someone should purchase it.

The best, most successful reviews are always written from a customer’s perspective.

They're designed to communicate directly with potential customers by getting into their frame of mind, and addressing the questions an concerns that they have. This means that you need to know your market!

  • What questions will they have about the product

  • What are they looking for in the product

  • What problems do they have that the product solves

  • What concerns do they have about purchasing

When you understand your market, you will be able to create valuable content that clearly addresses their burning questions and concerns.

Give people a unique perspective on the product Let them know what you feel about the product and whether the brand promise is fulfilled.

You never want to promote products that you haven't evaluated, or that you don't feel live up to buyer’s expectations.

Remember, every product you promote reflect your brand, and demonstrates to customer whether you have their best interests at heart so choose products carefully.

You want to guide people towards product that will ultimately help them achieve their goals so that they will purchase through you again in the future. They’ll learn to trust you and the products you recommend.

One way that I create my reviews is by directly comparing one product (the one I want to promote against another similar product. I give a brief run down on both products while highlights the benefits and advantages that product #1 has over product #2. This works well because chances are your visitor has already been debating between more than on product in the industry, so by comparing the two products, you are helping them make a sound decision and providing much-needed reassurance.

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