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Using Webinars and Google Hangouts as an Affiliate

Using Webinars and Google Hangouts  as an Affiliate

It’s sometimes difficult to think of new and exciting ways to get traffic for the products you’re promoting as an affiliate.

You can write articles, pay for traffic, mail your list, and things like that.

It’s important to use methods that are fresh and different from what everyone else is doing.

It’s also important to connect with your audience on a very personal level.

You can do that through text, but it’s often much more impactful to do it through video or through your voice.

Internet marketing is spectacular. Never before has it been easier to connect with people in you audience who need and want what you’re selling. At the same time, that human touch is often lost online. That can lead to lower conversion rates.

There’s a great solution to this, that you can use in combination with the other things you do your marketing. You can use webinars and Google Hangouts to make sales as an affiliate.

Think of the Webinars and Hangouts You’ve Attended

Have you ever attended a webinar or a Google Hangout?

If so, then you’re probably aware of the typical structure of a promotion like this. The product creator or the affiliate tends to promote the webinar as something informative.

In some cases, the webinar actually is informative, with a sales pitch at the end. Other presentations are somewhere in between.

Still other presentations are very heavy on the groundbreaking, mind-blowing information.

Consider which presentations really moved you to buy. What works in your niche?

Consider your audience—if you were to run a webinar or a Google Hangout, what could you do to ensure your audience is persuaded to buy?

The Difference between Google Hangouts and Webinars

Before we go much further, I want to make sure you know the difference between Google Hangouts and webinars.

Really, the method of presentation is very much the same.

Google Hangouts is a free option that works in combination with Google+ and YouTube. There are a ton of great, social, and viral benefits to using Google+. This is a good option if you want something that’s free and highly effective to use.

Webinars are often run on systems such as GoToWebinar. This is a paid option. It’s professional webinar software that allows you to run the webinar, run live chats during the webinar, share your screen, and so on.

I suggest you take a look at both options to see which will work best for you.

I personally think that Google Hangouts are the best option right now, especially if you’re on a tight budget (since it’s free).

Planning Your Presentation

After you’ve chosen your method of presentation, it’s time to plan the presentation itself.

What will you share with your audience?

What problem do they desperately want to solve?

I suggest you plan your presentation around that. Figure out what, very specifically, your audience is desperate and emotional about that relates to the product you’re promoting.

Present information in a groundbreaking way. People need to feel like they’re going to show up and learn something from you that they couldn’t possibly learn anywhere else.

Keep in mind that webinars are run every day by other marketers. People only have so much time in a day. How can you ensure people show up for your webinar over the other options out there?

I always think it’s best to over deliver. Some say you should share your best piece of advice in the sales pitch—which is essentially what the value filled webinar is.

Give away enough that people really come away with some great knowledge and information, while still stirring up emotions and driving people to buy from you.

There’s something psychological that happens when you really deliver for people. You’re giving them a gift for free, essentially. That makes them more ready to buy from you.

They’ll also be more ready to buy from you because you’re someone they can now relate to. They’ve gotten to know you on the webinar and that’s a great thing.

Getting The Product Creator On Board

You’re promoting something as an affiliate, which is great. But the true expert on the topic at hand is the person who created the product. It can be a really great idea to get the product creator on the webinar or Hangout.

People can ask the creator questions. They can get a feel for the benefits of the product and how it’s different from anything they’ve seen before.

You can also arrange a special offer for your subscribers, as a thank you for joining you on the call. The product creator can give a discount that’s active during the webinar and for the first hour or whatever after that, or even for a day or two after the live event. You get the idea—you and the product creator can arrange the specifics.

Getting People To Join Your Webinar

Of course, none of this is going to matter if you can’t get anyone on the call in the first place. You have to advertise your webinar or Hangout to get people involved.

The ideal place to advertise your webinar is to your list. These are the people who already trust you and will be more likely to buy what you’re promoting as an affiliate.

You can also advertise on your social channels. This works particularly well if you’re using Google Hangouts, because it’s so integrated into Google Plus and YouTube.

Ideally, the product creator will alert their contacts about the webinar as well. This gets tricky if they’re offering a discount for your subscribers only. But, in some cases, it benefits both of you. They’ll get more of their subscribers to buy and you’ll both earn more.

Advertise your webinar and note whether seats are limited. Get people to confirm that they’re attending.

Keep in mind that you might not need hundreds upon hundreds of people to join your webinar. Even if you only have dozens (or less), you can make great sales.

When someone has committed to attending a webinar, they’re already committed, in a way, to really listening to what you have to say. They’re a lot more likely to buy than someone reading or watching your message and sales pitch through a different means.

Profiting Using Webinars and Google Hangouts

This is a fantastic method. It’s easy to get started with—whether you’re using Hangouts or GoToWebinar.

Make a plan for your presentation. Try to get the product creator on board with a special offer. Make it something that will be really, really valuable for those who attend.

Be real, open, and honest on the webinar. Answer people’s questions and get to know them. Aim to get them to know, like, and trust you.

Running webinars can help you make great sales as an affiliate.

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