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10 Types of Videos You Should be Sharing with Your Market

10 Types of Videos You Should be Sharing with Your Market

Videos have been all the rage for many years now, and their popularity isn’t going to decrease any time soon. If you’re not already creating and sharing videos with your market, then now is the time to hop onboard. They’re great vehicles for sharing information, as many people would rather watch and listen then read. Plus, videos also have a higher perceived value than other forms of content.

What sort of videos can you create and share? Take a look at these ideas…

Explainer Video

This is a short video you post on your homepage or blog, which tells visitors who you are and what you can do for them.

Welcome Video

This is a video you post inside membership sites, which welcomes new members and tells them how to start using the site. You can also post welcome videos inside big product packages, such as a home study course. Think of it as a “quick start guide” to get people off on the right foot.

Video Course

Videos have a high perceived value, which makes them an excellent format for a course. You can sell it from your own site or even use a platform like Udemy.

Instructional/Informational Video

Think of this like an article. This would be a short two- or three-minute video where you share how to information, tips, or other advice.

“How To” Demo Video

Here’s where you share information, but you also demonstrate the process at the same time. For example, you might show golfers the best grip for driving.

Product Demonstration

Here’s where you show how to use a product. This can be part of a post-sales package (such as instructional content for how to use software), or you can use it as a pre-sale content to show people how well a product works.

Video Sales Letter

Use this alongside your text sales letter to reach as many people as possible. Avoid mentioning specific prices, guarantees or your bonus package, as these may change. Leave that info in the text letter, as it’s easier to tweak the text versus tweaking a video.

Announcement Video

You post this on your blog or website to make business announcements, such as announcing an upcoming contest.

Behind the Scenes Video

People love getting behind the scenes of a business or even an industry. For example, if you’re catering to bodybuilders, you might take them behind the scenes of a bodybuilding competition.

Live Video

You can use a live video for many of the purposes mentioned above (such as a how-to video). However, a streaming live video is especially useful when you’re documenting an event in real time.

For example, if you’re serving a dog market, then you might live stream an event such as a local dog expo or dog show.


Videos are a great way to share information, as they carry a high perceived value, and many people really prefer to receive information that way. That’s why you’ll want to look at your business to see how you can start using more videos too.

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