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Using Social Media to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Becoming a thought leader in your niche or industry is all about establishing yourself as someone worth paying attention to in your niche or industry. If you think of yourself as a brand in your own right, not just your company as a brand, imagine instant name recognition by those in the know in that niche. If we say Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, most people know who we are talking about and what they are famous for.

Becoming a thought leader in your niche may take some time and effort, but the financial and professional rewards can be well worth it long-term.

* Do your niche research. Where do people interested in your niche spend their time, and money? What social networks do they visit? What do they talk about? What are their pain points and problems in relation to the niche? What solutions are they willing to pay for and how much will they pay? Who are your main competitors and how good are their products? What are niche customers saying about those products? Can you come up with even better ones?

* Create great content. Use your niche research to create content readers/ followers want. People learn visually most of the time, but offering a range of content gives them a choice. The more content you create, especially free content, the more traffic you will get from search engines and social sites. Seeing your name and (good) content appearing repeatedly will make potential customers check you and your item out more closely.

* Connect on social media. The secret to success in social media is in the name itself: social. People are on social networks to connect with others, not to see your latest promotion. However, people are always on the lookout for products and services that make their lives easier. Be helpful in all your interactions and people will appreciate and remember what you do for them.

* Make the most of groups. Are there social media groups you can join in order to connect with your target audience and other like-minded people? Facebook and LinkedIn have some very active groups. Some popular Pinterest boards allow guest pinners and can provide another way to get you noticed.

* Convert connections. Rather than focusing on quantity of posts, tweets, and pins to convert your connections into email subscribers, focus on quality. Use the information you gained from your research and insights to provide a special offer that is specific to your followers on a particular social media platform. For example, a cooking related niche could provide an exclusive and free offer, available only to Pinterest followers who sign up for updates during a specific time.

Using social media to establish yourself as a thought leader can take time. However, the more quickly you get started, the more quickly you will arrive at your desired destination. Put these ideas into action to begin your journey to success.

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