The Bundle Marketing Blueprint

Have you ever noticed that “bundle” events tend to be really popular? They got a lot of buzz in the market, they tend to create a lot of sales, and those who participate enjoy lots of backend opportunities too. These events are great ways for veteran marketers to make some quick cash and build their lists, and they also help those who’re new to a niche get established and start getting some name recognition.

Let me back up just a bit…

If you’re not familiar with bundle marketing, let me share with you what this is all about. Bundle events are when one person (the host/organizer) picks a topic and recruits dozens of others in the market to contribute a product on that same topic. Everyone who contributes a product then promotes the bundle, which creates a lot of exposure and sales for everyone.

The organizer makes money, because they enjoy the frontend profits. Usually the organizer makes 50% profits of all sales made by their partners (and the bundle contributors and other affiliates make 50% commissions on every sale they make).

The contributors make money every time they sell the bundle (those 50% commissions mentioned above). But they also get the big benefit of building their lists through this event. That’s because most contributors require that customers submit an email address in order to claim the contributor’s product.

And customers love this sort of event too. That’s because they can get their hands on hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise for a very low price (such as $27, $47 or some other “no brainer” price). That’s why they’re happy to give their email address up for the products they want, because their “entry fee” into the event is relatively low.

You may have thought about contributing to a bundle event before. Or maybe you’ve already contributed to one and enjoyed good results. And now it’s time for you to learn now to organize and host one of these events, as the host is the person who tends to derive the most benefit. That’s because the host not only gets the frontend profits, but they automatically get the mailing list for EVERY customer.

If you tried to host this event yourself right now, you’d probably have to go through the painful experience of trial and error. But that’s why you’re reading this manual. Because in just minutes, you’ll find out how to organize and host a profitable, successful event using my proprietary B.U.N.D.L.E. strategy!

Here’s a quick overview:

· Begin Planning: This is where you start your planning, such as by deciding on the focus/topic for the event.

· Underscore Your Terms: Here’s where you’ll decide what terms to include for those who participate in the event.

· Name and Brand Your Event: Some people will decide whether to purchase your bundle just based on the name and branding, which is why this step is so important.

· Develop Your Partner List: At this step you’ll learn the ins and outs of both finding and recruiting partners to make your event a massive success.

· Launch Your Website: Here you’ll find out the pieces the host needs to have in place for a successful event, such as the sales letter, payment processor, download page, swipes and more.

· Expand Your Profits: This last step is all about making your event successful for everyone.

Now that you have an overview of the B.U.N.D.L.E. strategy, let’s take a closer look at each step…



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