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Motivation Is Not One Size Fits All

Motivation Is Not One Size Fits All

Have you ever seen a link to a blog or video where you were supposed to be inspired, and instead you felt put off by the whole thing? It can be the media format, the person’s voice, the speed at which they talk – anything – that doesn’t make it “click” for you.

Think about what motivates you. Is it listening to motivational tapes or reading inspiring books – or perhaps it’s a person in your life (teacher, parent mentor) who is your motivation?

One type of motivation doesn’t necessarily fit everyone. Some people like a feel-good, kumbaya approach while others like a bootcamp feel to get inspired. And, sometimes it just takes spiraling downward to the bottom of the barrel and hitting rock bottom to make you finally get up and take action.

Not being able to pay your water or electric bill and facing a homeless existence is motivation enough for most of us to look for a job or find a way out of a menial life. If you’re having a difficult time motivating yourself to take the action you need to begin that online business or carry it to the next level, it’s imperative that you find the motivation you need to get it done.

Staring at a blank screen every day and wondering what to do next is definitely not the most inspiring way to become motivated about your business. You may have been enthusiastic at the beginning stages of getting your business online, but now you’ve fizzled out and every day finds you less motivated to sit at the computer and work.

If something isn’t done – quickly – you’re likely to give up before you’ve even begun to experience the success you were aiming for. There are some tips for you to get excited again and carry on with your dreams for future success.

First, set some small, achievable goals. You may be looking too much at the big picture of your business. That can be overwhelming and discouraging because it seems like forever until you can realize them.

Small, achievable goals such as simply writing one blog post for today can whittle down the enormity of what you’re trying to do. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment so that you’re not feeling like a loser.

No matter how bad you feel – take action. Taking immediate action on some of the small goals will get you to the big goals before you realize it. Most big goals take time and little actions to complete.

It may seem like a long road if you only look at the big picture, but achieving one small goal after another should boost your confidence and spur you on. Look to the future. See the glitches and successes which may occur as you build your business.

That one thing will help you with strategies necessary to make your business a success. Look at the challenges too and develop a passion for meeting them. Motivation is like anything else.

You have to work at it to make it a reality. Find out what motivates you and keep it in your thoughts at all times. Look for people who deliver the message in a way that you like.

Check out gurus, like Tony Robinson for instance, but also look for smaller, less known bloggers who might inspire you to chip away at your to do list. And try different media formats, too – videos, text, infographics, podcasts – because you never know when something might click for you and help you get past your hurdles.


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