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How to Build a Responsive Mailing List

How to Build a Responsive Mailing List

One of the keys to building a successful business is to build responsive mailing lists (including your prospect list and your list of buyers). For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll focus on how to build a prospect list. Take a look…

Step 1: Create an Enticing Lead Magnet

Your first step is to do your market research to find out what your market wants. You can do this by visiting marketplaces like, and to see what sort of infoproducts they’re already buying. Look for bestselling products in your niche and multiple products on the same topic, both of which are signs that a product is popular.

Note: the key here is to find out what TYPE of product people are buying, but then create something FRESH. In other words, don’t copy anyone’s product. Instead, create a product on the same topic with your own fresh perspective and unique tips and information.

Step 2: Capture Leads

The next step is to set up a lead page so you can start capturing peoples’ information. Here you need two things:

· A trusted autoresponder (e.g., Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, iContact or similar). Follow their instructions for setting up a mailing list and inserting an opt-in form into your lead page.

· Compelling copy for your lead page. If you’re not familiar with how to craft benefit-driven sales copy, then outsource this task to a professional. Search Google for copywriters or post a job on a freelancing site like


Step 3: Create Emails

Every email you send (from your initial autoresponder series through all live broadcasts) should seek to build relationships and presell your offers. With those goals in mind, follow these tips:

· Provide useful yet incomplete information. The useful information helps you build good relationships with your subscribers, while the “incomplete” information gives you an opportunity to sell the rest of the solution on the backend.

For example, you can provide really good and useful dieting tips, and then sell a diet guide at the end of the email.

· Promote one offer per email. This helps boost your conversion rate.

· Create a series. People rarely buy a product the first time they hear about it. That’s why you’ll want to send three to five emails for each product you’re promoting.

For example, if you’re selling a diet guide, then you might send out a three-part series called “The Three Keys to Rapid Weight Loss.” Each email would provide one useful key and then promote the offer at the end.



Building a responsive list is about taking these steps:

1. Offering something people really want in exchange for their email address.

2. Sending really useful content on a regular basis so that people keep opening your emails.

When you build a responsive list, then making money is as simple as promoting offers that you know your audience will really love. So, go ahead and put this information to work to start building your list as soon as possible!

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