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Making the Most from ClickBank

Making the Most from ClickBank

ClickBank is definitely a leading connection between product developers and affiliate marketers. It’s also a place that buyer can go directly to purchase information products. Plus ClickBank has a positive reputation for its ease of use.

With all that going for it, just upload your information products and you’re good to go, right? Not exactly. You might make a few sales, but if you want to make ClickBank a centerpiece of your marketing, then you have to do more than just upload, post a link and wait.

Set up targeted minisite. Create catchy sales copy to accompany it. You can also add a video demonstration or an audio that expands on the product. Offer a “bribe” or freebie when the viewer clicks that Buy Now button.

If you have strong testimonials, add them on the sales page or with video clips that are scattered inside the sales copy. Post product reviews. Write short reviews or ask a colleague to review your product.

If you’re looking for reviewers, offer the product free to a limited number of potential reviewers. This is a popular technique on marketing forums to get testimonials. You can also get reviews from people who are significant contributors to forums in your niche. Then get those reviews posted on as many sites, forums and discussion boards as possible.

Trade mailing lists. Contact sites with comparable niche interests and tell them about your ClickBank product. Offer an affiliate sales opportunity. You can also agree to trade mailings - your offer to their lists, and then a few weeks later send their offer to your list.

Since any sale makes an affiliate commission for the seller, everyone wins. If you find that your product doesn’t get picked up by affiliates, reduce your cut and increase the profit for affiliate sales. Information marketing is about volume, so remember that 40% of 1,000 sales is worth more than 60% of 100 sales.

Keep it fresh. Like produce, eBooks have a certain shelf life. Even if the information is still good, add a new twist or update at least twice annually. Unless you’ve written a true classic, then you’ll begin to see a downturn in sales.

That’s the time to tweak it. You can make a slight title change or a major change. Just give the buyer a reason to find this interesting. If you’re doing a tweak, contact your best affiliate sellers to let them know that there’s new information or updates worth sending to the their list again.


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