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How to “Drill Down” a Niche

How to “Drill Down” a Niche

Finding a niche topic requires more than just identifying your interests. You need to divide the topic down to a very specific area so that you can better target the audience. Let’s look at how to break down a niche idea using a popular online search topic: how to make money with online marketing.

That’s much too broad and difficult to market. You’ll also bump into many competitors. Think of the process as an upside down funnel. Or, if you’re mathematically inclined, it’s like reducing a fraction to its lowest terms.

Overall Topic: How to make money with online marketing.

Sub Topics from initial brainstorming include:

  • People who want to work from home

  • People who want to work anywhere using a computer

  • People who want freedom to choose their own work hours

  • People who hate their job and want to get out of the cubicle

  • People who lack advanced skills or degrees and need to learn a skill fast

  • People who lost their jobs due to downsizing or outsourcing

  • Baby boomers looking to supplement their retirement income

  • College kids needing to earn extra money

  • Stay at home moms who don’t want to go back to work

Wow! That’s an entire set of niche topics that can be developed merely by taking time to analyze why people might want to earn money from online marketing. Out of the six topics generated, select two that really interest you or represent areas where you have personal experience.

Take the first topic you chose and brainstorm five to seven key questions that people might ask in searching for the topic. Next, start a niche search using the keywords you developed and see what you find. Using Google Notebooks or designated files, collect this information. Add to your research those websites that deal with the niche topic.

Finally, look in ClickBank and on similar sites for affiliate products that you can use in developing the niche. If you decide to write your own information product, create an outline for each eBook that you’ll prepare. Then get ready to dominate your area of expertise.

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