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Benefits of Using Infographics

Infographics are a mixture of pictorial, data, and writing that is used to visually communicate information to an audience. Infographics have more potential to “go viral” than other forms of data because they’re fun to look at, get across the information quickly and are fun. There are many benefits to using infographics to spread any message or idea.

* They’re Attractive to Look At – Most people are visual by nature. The eye is naturally drawn to colors and images more than text. Plus, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can make a good infographic it will be worth literally thousands of words but take up less space and get more interest than the same information in text format only.

* Easily Understood by Scanning Quickly – When people read on the internet they typically scan vertically instead of horizontally. This is why when writing content you’re told to include a lot of subheadings and bullet points. An infographic offers the best of all worlds, taking into consideration how people digest content on the web, and how the mind loves interesting images.

* Can Convey Deep Concepts Easily – There are many concepts that are difficult to explain with words only or images only. Infographics bring together the best of both worlds. If you think about it, a comic strip is a kind of infographic that has been used for years to make people laugh and also explain difficult concepts.

* Easily Shared – Not only is it easy to share an infographic with a click, but they are also more likely to be shared than text. They are acceptable content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – among others – and are usually well received by most.

* Spread Brand Awareness – If you want to spread brand awareness, having an infographic developed for your “about page” is a really good idea. It will ensure that your visitors are more likely to read it, and understand what your business is truly about when they finish.

* Demonstrate Expert Level Understanding – Creating an infographic requires a deep level of understanding of a topic. If you don’t have that, it will be difficult to create an infographic that means anything.

* Increase Website Traffic – Since they are more likely shared, you’re going to get more website traffic. Learning to create an embed code can help your traffic go up even faster by giving people permission to embed your infographic into their sites, which people will click and be taken to your website.

* They Improve SEO – Most people will say that infographics do not help SEO, but the truth is they do. They improve links to your site and offer proof of understanding of a topic, thus increasing your expert status level. And if you add keywords to the “alt” tags, a textual description of the information in the infographic, plus the infographic, it will improve SEO.

Infographics are a great way to repurpose content and make your website fresh, as well as give you good results from social sharing. Because visually interesting assets are shared more often than other types of content, this means infographics are highly beneficial to use for marketing your business.

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