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5 Traffic Conversion Hot Buttons

5 Traffic Conversion Hot Buttons

Grabbing the attention of an online surfer is challenging enough, so you want to turn as many viewers as possible into actual buyers. And you want to entice buyers to become repeat buyers.

Once you’ve told the product story, how do you get them to push that “buy button” again? Here are some traffic conversion hot buttons to add to your site today:

1. Expose your competition’s warts. You can expect popular products to attract competitors. Study the competition and find the weaknesses or differences that you can exploit. Do you deliver faster or offer discount shipping, give choice of downloads or CDs, gift wrap, ship internationally? Let buyers know what sets you apart from your competitors.

2. Go ahead - name drop! Find a celebrity to endorse your product. Not necessarily a movie star, just people who are known and respected in your niche market. Send your product out to niche superstars and ask for their honest review as well as permission to use the comments on your website. You benefit for the star power of the endorsers.

3. Prove it! Find research that advances your product in the marketplace. Even a basic study that shows “7 out of 10 people who regularly exercise are less likely to get prickly heat,” might be linked loosely to your product. Make the connection reasonable. If there isn’t any research, make your own by using results from an online survey or poll.

4. Test yourself. Create three different pitches that play on your main product. Use each page for 10 days. At the end of the month, compare results. The pitch that captures the most buyers isn’t always the one you like the most. Remember, it’s about what clicks with the buyer - even if it isn’t your favorite.

5. Befriend to win. Make sure that your sales copy creates a connection with your buyer. You can make money with straight sales copy but you’ll make more money when you build a relationship with buyers.

Let them into your life enough that they care about you and they will be more willing to invest in your products. You can set up a forum to discuss your niche interest or add short reviews from your buyers.

Feature a buyer with a photo and candid interview. When you give buyers reasons to drop by regularly, then you are developing a relationship. Needless to say, your “special offer” email gets read when others are sent to the trash folder.


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