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31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 29 - Complete the Site Set Up

31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 29 - Complete the Site Set Up

Today your task is to finish setting up your website so that you can begin taking orders.

Take note that providing in-depth instructions for this process is beyond the scope of this guide. As such, I’m providing a checklist/overview of the steps you need to take. As always, you do not need to do these steps yourself if you’re not comfortable with the technical side of your business. You can easily outsource any of these steps to a reputable freelancer.

Take a look…

Set Up an Email Address

Go through your webhosting account to set up an email address that you’ll use for your contact page and other uses.

Create Your Payment Button

Earlier in this guide you chose a payment processor (such as PayPal or ClickBank). Now you need to create a payment button on this platform using the site’s instructions. Once your button is ready to go, then insert it into your sales letter.

Create Legal Pages

You’ll want to talk to an attorney about these pages, or use standard fill-in-the-blank template forms from a reputable legal site like At a minimum, you should have a “terms of service” and “privacy policy” page.

Create a “Contact” Page

This page should list your contact information and/or provide a link to your help desk. You may also list FAQs and other resources on this page to help decrease customer service inquiries.

Upload All Pages

Your next step is to upload your sales letter, legal pages, contact pages and any other pages that need to be uploaded. (You should have already uploaded your package files and download page on a previous day, but double check that it’s done.)

Check That Everything Works

Your final step today is to check that everything works. Follow these steps:

· Check that all links on your page work (sales letter, contact page, legal pages, download pages and download files).

· Check that all forms/scripts work, such as your payment button.

· Be sure your email address works to both send and receive email.

· Make a test purchase (or ask a friend to do it) to be sure the entire process runs smoothly from the payment button to the download page.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task today is to walk through the above steps to get your website set up. This includes creating your payment button, uploading all necessary files, and then checking that everything is in good working order. Once this step is done, you are now ready to begin accepting orders on your website!

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