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31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 2 - Select a Topic

31 Days to Profitable Packages: 31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 2 - Select a Topic

Now that you’ve determined not only which niches interest you but are also profitable, your next step is to select a topic from within that niche. In other words, you’re going to determine what it is that your audience wants the most in terms of information.

NOTE: Pull out the research you completed in the last step, as you’ll be using it for today’s lesson.

Let’s get started…

Look for Bestsellers

The single best way to find out what topics people are likely to buy in your niche is to find out what they’re ALREADY buying (and then create something similar yet better).

Here’s how to do it:

· Find bestsellers. You can visit marketplaces like, and Take note of which products (topics) are bestsellers.

· Look for competition. If a topic has multiple products around it, that’s a good sign that the topic is popular. It’s even better if multiple competing products are bestsellers.

· Search niche websites. What infoproducts are the top sites in your niche selling?

· View advertising. This includes ads on niche sites as well as the paid ads on sites like Google and Facebook. If a marketer spends money over time advertising a particular infoproduct, that’s a sign that the topic is popular. Even better if you see many marketers advertising similar products.

Point is, look for evidence that a particular topic is selling well in your niche. Then your goal is to create something on the same topic, but your product should be even better. For example, instead of just selling a weight-loss guide, you’d sell a package that includes dieting information, as well as tools such as shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, calorie counters, checklists and more.

See What’s Popular In Communities

Your next step is to research popular discussion communities to see which topics keep popping up repeatedly. These communities include:

· Blogs.

· Forums.

· Facebook groups.

· Q&A sites like and

For example, if people on a question and answer site repeatedly ask about the best free ways to generate website traffic, then you’ll know that’s a potential topic for a marketing package.

Ask Your Audience

Another way to determine what your audience wants is to survey them. You can do this formally, such as by constructing a survey using or a similar tool. Or you can do it informally, such as by asking open-ended questions in niche communities to figure out what people want.

Take note: what people SAY they’ll buy and what they’ll actually buy can be two different things. That’s why this method should never be used in isolation. If you use it all, then use it to confirm your research as well as to get ideas of what all types of tools and info to include in your package.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task for today is to walk through the steps you just learned about in order to pick a topic for your profitable package. Be sure the topic is broad enough so as to allow you to create an entire package around it, complete information (ebooks, reports and articles), as well as tools (e.g., checklists, worksheets, templates, swipes, etc.).

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