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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 25 - Preparing the Content for Delivery

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 25 - Preparing the Content for Delivery

Your content is complete and proofed. But before you upload it to your site, you’ll need to prepare it and package it. Let’s look at these two issues separately:

Prepare It

A lot of PLR sellers just give their buyers the raw text file (such as a .txt or .docx file). Yes, you need to include this editable file in the package so that your buyers can tweak the content in any way they please. However, you should also include professional layout and design templates, as well as graphics.

For example, if you’re selling a PLR cheat sheet, then don’t just give buyers the text file. Instead, give them a professionally designed, colorful cheat sheet with graphics and icons.

This lets your PLR buyers quickly and easily tweak the content as needed and then upload a professional-looking finished product. It takes them just minutes rather than hours. What’s more, adding graphics, design and layout to your PLR packages really boosts the overall value of your content and gets buyers coming back for more.

Package It

The second thing you need to do is package up all the content. This comes in two steps:

1. Package a “ready to sell” version of each piece of your content. Some of your buyers won’t want to tweak the content at all, and so they’ll be happy if the content is already converted into a downloadable format and ready to go. Typically, this means you need to convert your text files into a PDF.

2. Package all the content together into one zip file. You’re going to have various pieces in a package, including the raw files, the “ready to sell” files, as well as separate files for templates and graphics. You’ll want to put them all inside a compressed .zip file.

There are two other items that you’re going to want to include in your .zip file:

1. The PLR license. This license should outline exactly what your users can and cannot do with the content. NOTE: this information should also be on your sales page. Be sure that your license and your sales page don’t contradict one another.

2. A “get started” letter or guide. This is a letter or short guide to your buyers that thanks them for purchasing, explains what all is in the package, and then gives them instructions for editing and using the files.

Note: Be sure the files are in common formats so that your buyers can open and edit them. You may also let people know where they can get free versions of the software needed to edit the files (such as the free word processing suite, if someone doesn’t already have Microsoft Word).

Optionally, you may also include training that teaches buyers how to make the most of the PLR content that they’ve purchased from you. If you create a guide or video, take note that this is a good place to include backend offers. You can sell additional PLR content as well as tools that a beginner may need to run their online infoproduct business.

TODAY’S TASK: Today’s task is to prepare your main content and bonuses for delivery. If you’re not doing this task yourself, then your job is to find someone who can do it for you.

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