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31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 18 - A Simple Way to Add Value to Your PLR

31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 18 - A Simple Way to Add Value to Your PLR

You’ve been working on getting your PLR text content ready to create your package. But before you finish your package, there’s something else you need to consider: what sort of graphics would add value to your content?

Check out these ideas…


You can use hand-drawn or computer-drawn illustrations to – drum roll, please – illustrate what the text is referring to.

For example, if your content is about organic gardening, you might include illustrations of common garden pests.

Infographics / Charts / Tables

If you have data to share, then you can make these numbers easier to digest by presenting them in an infographic, chart or table.

Let’s suppose you’re putting together a report that helps people get out of debt. If you tell people what percent of income they should be saving, using to pay down debt, and using to pay various household expenses, your information will be hard to remember. If you represent this data visually, such as in a chart, then people can see at a glance how they should be allocating their income.


Sometimes a simple photo can add value to your content. For example:

· You can use a relevant photo to make the content more aesthetically pleasing, and to break up the text. For example, a dog-training report may simply have pics of dogs sprinkled throughout to make the content more engaging and professional.

· You can use a photo to illustrate something. For example, a dog-training report might show photos of dogs with different facial expressions and postures in order to help people learn to read a dog’s nonverbal communication.

Here’s something related…


Sometimes an animation in the form of a GIF can do an even better job of helping to illustrate how to do something. For example, if you’re sharing information on bodybuilding, then you might include GIFs which illustrate proper form for each exercise.

Mind Maps

A mind map is a non-linear way to represent a process or a concept. You can think of it has cheat sheet or checklist with all related pieces connected. Some people prefer to see information laid out in mind maps rather than in a traditional step-by-step format.

Process/Decision Maps

If you’re teaching people how to do something, and they need to make decisions throughout the process, then you might offer a process/decision map. For example, you can provide a decision map to help marketers decide if they should outsource a particular task.


These work well when you’re explaining an online process. For example, if you’re teaching people how to install a script (such as WordPress), then you might offer screenshots for each step.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task for today is to consider how graphics can enhance the value of each piece in your package. Specifically, brainstorm the type of graphics that would make the most sense. For example, a cheat sheet would benefit from small icons, whereas a report might benefit from infographics and illustrations.

Once you decide what sort of graphics you need, then do one of the following:

1. Create them (try

2. Outsource them (use a site like or

3. Buy them (using a site like

Also, be sure to continue working on tweaking or rewriting the PLR, as needed.

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