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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 7 - What to Include in Your Membership Site, Part 2

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 7 - What to Include in Your Membership Site, Part 2

Okay, you've decided what sort of products and extras to include in your monthly packages. Now we’re going to look at the different types of content you can offer to your members.

Typically, when people think of creating PLR content, they think of either reports or articles. But there are plenty of other options from which you can choose. Let me give you a list of ideas:

· Ebooks/reports/guides. E.G., “The Aspiring Copywriter’s Guide to Writing a Million-Dollar Sales Letter.”

· Articles/lessons. These are typically 500 to 1500 words. If you offer articles, ideally you should offer a pack of them (such as 10-20 articles).

· Checklists. These are tools end users can utilize to achieve a goal. E.G., “How to Get Your Book Into the Kindle Marketplace.”

· Cheat sheets. These are one-page summaries of a concept or process with plenty of steps, tips and ideas. E.G., the social media marketing cheat sheet.

· Planners/calendars. This guide you’re reading right now is an example of a 31-day planner.

· Swipes. These are lists of ideas or items for people to use as inspiration. E.G., the sales letter headline swipe file.

· Templates. These items make it quick and easy for someone to complete a process. E.G., the career-builder’s resume templates.

· Lists. Here you can provide gear lists or resource lists. E.G., the gear list for beginning bodybuilders.

· Mind maps. This tool lets people think about concepts in non-linear ways. E.G., the writer’s guide to plotting a novel.

· Infographics. This is a tool that makes data-filled content easier to understand. E.G., an infographic showing how to invest for retirement.

· Worksheets. These are tools that help people complete a process. E.G., the business owner’s ad budget worksheet.

What you need to decide is which of these types of content you’ll give to your members each month. Check out these options:

Option 1: Provide the same set of content on a different topic.

Here your members know exactly what they’ll get every month. For example, you might create a report and an autoresponder series each month. Or perhaps you’d offer a set of checklists each month.

Option 2: Provide different content each month.

For this option, you’d offer content in different formats each month. For example, this month you might give your members a set of checklists. Next month you might give them a report. The month after, you’d offer them a course on a niche topic.

The other thing to consider is that the way you name your content can have a big impact on the perceived value of the package. For example, if you create a pack of articles and refer to them as articles, people may not be willing to pay very much for them. After all, everyone and their uncle seems to be selling PLR articles, so they quite literally have become a dime a dozen.

How do you sell articles for a premium price to an eager audience? Simple: you don’t refer to them as articles. Instead, you refer to them as something like “training lessons.” For example, a pack of 10 “articles” becomes a 10-module course, with each lesson about as long as a blog article.

TODAY’S TASK: Your job today is to determine exactly what you’re going to give your members each month. Then make an outline of the exact content you’re going to deliver for the first 12 months of your site. E.G., “Month 1, ___________. Month 2, _________.” And so on.

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