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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 6 - What to Include in Your Membership Site, Part 1

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 6 - What to Include in Your Membership Site, Part 1

Today you’re going to start planning what sort of materials you’re going to send to your members every month. Part of this calculation depends on how much you want to charge for monthly membership fees.

Specifically, different pricing sets of different expectations for what members get for their monthly fees. For example:

· $5 monthly: a lead magnet, such as a checklist.

· $10 monthly: a report/ebook.

· $15-$20 monthly: a report/ebook plus a sales letter.

· $20-$30 monthly: a report/ebook plus a sales letter and other marketing materials (e.g., autoresponder series).

· $40-$50 monthly: two reports/ebooks plus sales letter and marketing materials to sell these items.

· Over $50: A mini-sales funnel. E.G., a lead magnet, a tripwire product, and a core offer, plus the marketing materials to promote these items.

The pricing mentioned above is a very rough guide. Obviously, it’s going to also depend on other factors such as your niche and how many members you allow into your site.

The bottom line here is that offering extras makes your memberships more valuable. This means you can charge more, and it also means you’ll have happy customers who can start using the materials almost immediately after they download them.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the extras you can include for your PLR customers:

· Sales letter. Ideally, this should be offered inside a ready-made web page. That way, all users need to do is add a payment button and upload the page to their website.

· Autoresponder series. You might offer a five to seven-part series designed to sell a paid product. (Ideally, you should include both the lead magnet and the paid product in your PLR package.)

· Blog posts. These can be pre-sell articles related to a paid product in your package.

· Ads. Here you might offer a variety of short ads that members can use to create Google AdWords ads, Facebook ads, and similar.

· Graphics. At a minimum, you should include ecover graphics for free and paid products. You can also include graphical ads (such as banner graphics), as well as graphics for things like blog posts.

· Bonuses. If your PLR package includes paid products, then you might offer related bonuses that members can use to boost conversions. (E.G., if your PLR package includes a diet guide, then you might also include a recipe book to use as a bonus.)

· Layout and design. Instead of just offering .doc or .txt files for users to edit and convert, you can offer these “raw” files alongside finished files. For example, you can provide professional layout and design for an ebook.

· Lead magnet. If you’re offering a higher-priced package with a PLR product that members can sell, then you might offer a lead magnet to help users get prospects onto their mailing list.

· Multimedia. You might include other formats for your products, such as videos and audios. For example, if you’re selling a course, you might offer both the text version and the video version.

· Slide shows. Here you might offer an informative slide-presentation on a professional slide deck, which users can post on sites like, or even turn into a slide-presentation video.

As mentioned, the more you include, the higher the perceived value of the offer. Plus, more materials mean less work for users, which makes them very happy.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task is to get a rough idea of how much you’re going to charge for your membership site (perhaps based on your income goals), and then based on that decide what to include in your monthly PLR package. You might also want to research what competitors are offering so that you can create packages that are even better than what’s out there.

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