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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 15 - What To Do Before You Write

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 15 - What To Do Before You Write

Yesterday we talked about researching your content so you can create something that’s even better than the existing products on the market. This will make your PLR customers really look good to their customers, which virtually ensures your customers will want to buy more PLR content from you.

Today we’re going to take a look at what you need to do before you actually sit down to create your content. Specifically, you need to determine the following two things:

1. Determine your unique angle.

2. Define goals and outcomes.

Let’s look at these points separately…

Determine Your Angle

You’ve got a subject for your content – now you need to create an angle. This is the unique magnifying glass under which you’ll approach your subject. This is what is going to make the content stand out from other similar pieces of content in the market.

One way to do this is to make comparisons of your subject with some other unlikely subject. Your content would then carry this comparison or analogy throughout the piece, which instantly makes your writing more engaging and interesting.

Let’s suppose you’re writing about raising a family, and the particular piece you’re working on is how to talk to teenager. You might start with a unique angle that teenagers are like cats – they hear what you’re saying, but they just choose to ignore it. You can then carry this cat comparison throughout your content. For example, you might have a section on how both cats and teenagers tend to be nocturnal (which can lead to grumpy teenagers who are tired and can’t focus in school).


Define Goals and Outcomes

The other important thing you need to do before you write a single word is decide what your ultimate goal/outcome is for the reader. That is, what do you want your readers to LEARN as they read the content? And what do you want your readers to DO once they’re finished reading?

For example, maybe you’re writing an online marketing report about email marketing. Perhaps you define your learning goal as such: you want readers to know exactly how to create a compelling lead magnet and set up a lead page by the time they finish your piece of content. This helps keep your content tight and focused. If any paragraph or even any sentence doesn’t contribute to your defined goal, then cut it out. This ensures you have a no fluff, no filler piece of writing.

Secondly, you need to decide what your readers should do. Your entire piece of writing should be designed around the action you want the end users to take.

In some cases, you may want them to take action on what they just learned. In other cases, you may want them to perform some other action, such as clicking on a link to buy a product. Either way, your content piece should naturally lead to that desired action, and it should include a call to action.

Let’s go back to the email marketing example. Let’s suppose you’re teaching people how to set up a lead page. You might want readers to purchase a tool they need, such as an autoresponder. Your call to action might look something like this: “In order to finish setting up your lead page, you’re going to need a reliable autoresponder. Click here to see which service I recommend…”

NOTE: As mentioned earlier, any links you put in the content may be changed by the person who purchases the PLR license. As such, it’s a good idea to promote your own products and give license holders quick and easy instructions for getting their own affiliate link. When it’s not possible to promote your own offers, look to see if your favorite product or services have two-tier affiliate programs (which means you’d get paid if an affiliate you referred makes a sale).

Time to wrap up today’s lesson…

TODAY’S TASK: Your task for today is to continue creating your main content for the first month of your membership site. Do another 1/8 of the main content (so that by the end of today, you’ll be 25% done with the main content).

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