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Creativity Basics

The Elusiveness of Creativity

What does it mean to create and innovate? Creativity is what changes and shapes the world. It’s what sets the successful, awe-inspiring person apart from the rest, to the envy of those who wish to be the same way.

As a businessperson, the chances are good that you struggle with creativity. You want to develop new ideas and change the game in your line of work. In your case, increasing your creativity also means increasing your clout and improving your bottom line.

But, it’s hard to be creative. The ideas just don’t seem to flow and you can’t make any headway. You’re stuck for new ideas, hanging on to the old ones by a thread. This terrifies you, because creativity is a form of currency in the information age.

It’s time you learned how to become more creative and generate an endless stream of amazing and innovative and awe-inspiring ideas of your own before you get left behind.

What is the Value of Creativity?

With as much stock as we put into creativity today, investigating where it comes from is a fairly recent phenomenon. A myriad of researchers and self-designated experts have set out to break down what makes the creative mind tick. I’m fascinated with this area of study, and I’ve uncovered some shocking information. Most importantly of all, this information is going to help you become instantly more creative.

You have to first understand why you are the way you are. Why are other people more creative than you? Why do your competitors have better ideas? Why can’t you seem to innovate and get ahead? These questions, and more, will be answered in short order.

It’s no wonder you want to be more creative. The fact is that creativity is valued more today than ever before in history. The barrier to entry for new products, services, and businesses is very low. It’s harder than ever to stand out in the crowd if you don’t create and innovate.

It’s become really trendy to focus on creativity in business and life in general. We value things like TED talks: motivational videos dedicated to innovation and new ideas. We envy the creativity of others and press ourselves to create, create, create, and innovate, innovate, innovate. It’s the only way to stand out in a crowded field of businesses and organizations trying to achieve the same things we are. But, you’re still not getting it.

Everyone Else Is More Creative… Or Are They?

It’s very easy to think of other people as being more creative, especially if you consider yourself to be a logical thinker. I’m certain you can think of at least a dozen people you deem to be more creative and innovative than yourself. But, you’re tired of other people getting the kudos and boosts from their innovations, just because they were born with something you think is missing in your own life.

Or, maybe you don’t inherently care about creativity much at all. You think of it as a regenerated buzzword you should check out because all the self-help business gurus say you should. You’re fine with the status quo… creating new ideas is scary anyway.

No matter which camp you fall into, I think you’ll soon agree that creativity is absolutely essential to your success as a businessperson. You’ll also discover that creativity is not something certain people are born with and others can never achieve. You’re going to have all the skills you need to be more creative. Soon, others will be looking to you as a shining example of what they should be doing.


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