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Secrets of Profiting More with Every Idea

Now, let’s break it down by talking about the secrets of profiting even more with every idea you have. If every single one of your ideas were profitable, you’d have a pretty great life, don’t you think?

If those profitable ideas came to you automatically, that would be even better. You wouldn’t have to struggle or think about what’s coming next. You’d never have to feel the uncertainty that can come along with wondering if your ideas are good or bad. Gone would be the days of feeling a sense of self-doubt with everything you do in business.

Now, what if those already profitable ideas had even more gold in them? That’s what this section is all about.

You now know that the profitable ideas are already out there. The sales data is out there and the audience opinion and desire is out there. If you know how to follow the clues success has left you, it’s extremely easy to figure out what will be profitable.

The guide you’re reading right now, as well as other books that I’ve written, have been profitable for me because business owners are desperate to learn this information so they can earn more money. I’m aware of the goals of my audience and I provide products that help fulfill those goals. I know this because it’s something people ask me to teach them-- the idea was already out there, I just had to grab onto it.

How can you translate that into your own business? What are the goals of your audience? What’s already out there that you can improve upon? What can you figure out, based on your in-depth research of the market and your audience, that you are positive will become profitable?

Use Every Profitable Idea in More than One Way

We’ve talked about all that, so let’s take this a step further. It’s time to figure out how you can use everything in your business in more than one way.

Of course, you should ditch what didn’t work out, but really build upon what did work out. That means taking what was really successful for you and presenting it or using it in multiple ways.

For instance, I tend to present my courses and books to multiple audiences – The general online marketing audiences, the Kindle audience, my built-in Earn1KADay forum, and so on. I want to squeeze every last drop out of everything I do. If I know I have a profitable idea, and execute it well, I can dramatically increase my profits from every single idea simply by using it in multiple ways.

Connect Your Own Ideas and Products

Another way you can profit more with every idea is by connecting ideas of yours that have already been profitable. You’re in business in a particular market or niche. You’ve no doubt had more than one profitable idea. How can you use those profitable ideas as a starting place for coming up with even more profitable ideas? How can you build upon that product or service to capture more of a profit from the same audience? If you figure that out, you can dramatically increase the value of every customer you have.

Remember that you have to cut the losers out of your business and scale the winners up. If an idea simply wasn’t as profitable as you expected, consider whether it’s time to use that idea in a different way or leave it alone altogether. Some ideas simply aren’t good ideas or they weren’t executed well. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made and simply do better next time.

But where most businesses go wrong is by ignoring their winners. They try to find more and more ideas and try to release more and more products without scaling their real winners up. Think about the top “winner” for your business. Can you get more affiliates to promote it for you? Can you present it in a different way? Can you create an upsell of that same product or idea? What could you do to get that idea and execution of that idea out in front of a wider audience?

If you have a proven winner, it makes sense to brainstorm related ideas based on that winner. It’s not all about finding new ideas at every turn. It’s about connecting great ideas in a way that will be pleasing to your audience and will net you more money from every profitable idea you have.

In my business, I tend to focus a lot on mindset information and helping business owners increase their profits – often dramatically. I want to help them get unstuck so they can earn a life changing income. That’s what I want for you.

That’s a huge part of the concepts in this particular book, mindset. I want you to realize that ideas are out there waiting for you to profit from them. Many people have the mistaken idea that they aren’t worthy of building a business asset from ideas that are all around them, and so they let opportunities get snapped up by others who are more confident.

A lot of my work is complementary. So, if one thing really speaks to my audience, I know to release products that are related in the future. Don’t scatter your business so much that not even you know what it’s really about. Closely related products and ideas can lead to more profitability from every idea.

Find What’s Profitable and Rinse and Repeat

You’ve probably noticed that the “secrets” of profiting more with every idea have a lot to do with brainstorming, creativity, and connectivity. Find what’s profitable and rinse and repeat. Use everything in more than one way and connect already profitable ideas. Cut the losers and scale the winners up. This is a winning formula for earning more money.

It’s time to take advantage of this formula right now. Take a look at the products or services you’ve released in the past. How can you appeal to the same audience that’s already purchased those products or services? If you provided a valuable product to you audience in the past, they’ll be very willing to check out your future products. It’s easier to convince a past customer to purchase a new product from you than it is to find a new customer… but you want both, as that’s how you a business grows.

How can you get those products or services in front of more people? Do that and you will almost instantly boost your business and earn more profit from that original idea.


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