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Your Coaching Program

Let's go more in depth about your coaching program. If this isn’t a step you’re ready for right now, this is information to set aside for the future. Offering coaching or consulting is something that can help you earn a lot of money. But you have to be in the right mental space and experience level to offer it. With that said, you can easily specialize in something that no one else does and offer something no other marketer can. You don't have to be in your niche for years to make this a true possibility.

Perception of Value

Having a coaching program or another high-end offer creates a great perception of value to those in your niche. For example, one of my high-end offers is lifetime access to Earn 1K A Day – my membership forum. This is what I choose to spend most of my time and energy on.

People quickly realize the value and many go on to acquire a lifetime membership. Even those who are not quite ready for that see that higher price tag, note the value, and adjust their expectations accordingly. They know that they are really receiving a bargain month-to-month, as well as when they buy the products I put out on a regular basis.

When you offer coaching or some other type of high-end offer, it switches people's expectations and value of your time and expertise.

The Leverage of a Coaching Program

Having a coaching program or another high-end offer gives you a lot of leverage. It sets you apart from other marketers who only cater to the low end. At the same time, you're going to be a very well-rounded marketer. You'll have something for everyone – from those who are only ready for your free products to those who are ready to upgrade to your personalized help.

The Personalized Element in Today's Marketplace

Whether you offer coaching or not, I suggest you offer a personalized element in some form. I do that through my membership site as well as through my free Facebook group. Obviously people don't pay to join up to my Facebook group, but they can receive help and feedback from me as well as others.

Why do I do that, especially when I can put a solid value on my personal time? Why do I do that when I could earn so much more money spending an hour consulting one-on-one instead of spending an hour answering questions on a free Facebook group?

I do it because it helps people. I also do it because very few other marketers do it – at least not to that extent. Tons of people give things away for free. Marketers have long known that this is a great way to build their list. But what many marketers haven't caught on to is that to truly set yourself apart these days, you have to offer something of yourself. People have to grow to know and trust you.

I'm not telling you to spend all of your time helping people for free. I am telling you to make yourself accessible because the personalized element is extremely important in today's marketplace.

If you follow nothing else in this book, take this advice. Help people; set time aside every day to check in on those in your market, whether they've ever bought from you or not. This is what is going to turn people into lifelong buyers. This is really what is going to impress people and help grow your brand. Not all of this can be measured, but you'll quickly see yourself catapult to success because the value will be clear and accessible to anyone who wants it.

Real Results

For those who are ready to get real results, upgrading to coaching is the perfect answer. Coaching, or offering your personalized help in some other way, is really what is going to motivate people to success.

You're Changing the World with Free and Paid

No matter how you structure your free and paid products, know that you're going to be changing the world. It all starts from a place of free. From there, you can provide additional value via your paid products and personalized help. Since you’ve set your mission to provide as much value to as many people as possible, you can feel good about what you're doing. You're not just out to make money, but you sure can make a lot of it if you follow this business model.


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