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Ways to Set Your Freebies Apart

Now, let's think of ways to set your freebies apart from everything else out there. I've already told you to go ahead and take a look at what your competition is offering. Now, it's time to do some additional brainstorming for what you can do to drive a ton of traffic to your free offer. This list is not the be-all end-all, it is just a starting point for you to create your own list.

A Different Delivery System

How do you currently deliver your freebie? Maybe you can consider a different delivery system. Maybe everyone else in your niche is offering a free ebook. You could offer a free membership course or membership site.

Perhaps you can deliver a lot of value through the free portion of a membership site, with an option to upgrade. The way you attract attention is by being different. Your method of delivery can attract as much attention as the content. Don't forget that different delivery methods have a different value attached to them. For whatever reason, sometimes people associate video courses with having more value.

Some people have even experimented with offering physical products for free. Maybe you can offer a DVD or CD to be physically shipped to people’s homes. You can either give them shipping for free or charge a small fee for shipping.

You can also give them the option to immediately download the content to their computer. The fact that there is a DVD or CD option, with paid shipping, will add additional perceived value even if they opt to download it right away to their computer. Again, this is just one idea – use it to spin your own ideas.

An Out of the Box Idea

Think long and hard about who the most creative marketer is in your niche. Where do they get their ideas? How can you spin their ideas into something completely unique of your own? Continue to ask yourself "what if?" What if you offered this? What if you offered that? The more brainstorming or mind mapping you do, the closer you’ll get to your answer.

Why am I not giving you specific out-of-the-box ideas? The reason for that is simple – specifics don't exist – at least not in an out-of-the-box world.

Be Funny

Many a marketer and company have gotten their advertisement to go viral by being funny. People love funny! If you really tickle someone's funny bone, they are a lot more likely to pass the content along to others. Again, think outside the box and consider how you can get people smile or outright fall out of their chair laughing. You may want people to feel in great humor when they download your free product or see your viral advertisements.

Be Innovative

Be innovative; do something that no one else is doing. You should be the one setting the trends. Give people something they didn't even know they needed.

What does this mean for your market? It means you need to be on top of the trends and inventing the trends. You are an expert in your niche. That means you are a trendsetter. You know where to ask the questions and which trails to follow to come up with new ideas.

Give yourself the freedom to be creative. Allow yourself to be a little controversial or different. Try new things, even if there's a chance that you might fall flat on your face. There's just as big of a chance that what you create will be completely wonderful and successful.

Do Your Research

With all this said about being innovative and creative outside-the-box, you really do have to do your research. Every day, you should be interacting with those in your niche. You need to stay on top of what they need and want.

You can't just enter a niche and expect that you know everything right away. There are some subtle nuances that you can only learn over time. This will help you be a better marketer. The more niche research you do, and research into your market in general, the more likely you are to come up with incredible ideas and free offers that really blow people away.

Be Mysterious

Another way to capture people's attention is to be a little mysterious. People love to figure things out. They love to be teased. Think of why you return to your favorite serial dramas over and over again.

It's because they tease you – they leave you with a cliffhanger so you can't help but want to close that loop and find out what happens. Consider developing free marketing campaigns that allow you to use cliffhangers like this. This is all part of getting people addicted to your content – both free and paid.

The original marketing for the TV show American Horror Story is a great example of this. Prior to release, the producers released little clues about what the show would be about. The clues were extremely mysterious and didn't give a lot of detail.

People became addicted to finding the next clue, and the launch of this weird little show went on to be a success. Again, use different markets, including TV and movies, and other innovators, to figure out what you could do to market in your niche.

Get Others Excited About Your Freebie

It's also a good idea to get others excited about your freebie. If you provide enough value, people will really stand behind you. They’ll help you spread news of your campaign even if they don't get anything in return.

For instance, after launching a new campaign, you can use something like to get your market excited about passing the news along. Make it easy for people to share news of your freebie or offer and they will be a lot more likely to do it.

You want to provide so much value that you create a legion of devoted fans who will do a lot of your marketing for you. They'll help you build your business for both free and paid offers. It all starts from a place of free.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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