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Moving People from Free To Paid

You’re a marketer, so I fully realize that you are not in business to give people content for free for the rest of your life. You’re using it to provide value to people, but you are also using it to build your subscriber list, grow recognition of your name or brand around the web, and to earn more money. Next, let's specifically focus on moving people from free to paid.

We talked about the myth of the freebie seeker. This fact is that freebie seekers are out there, but you are not going to avoid offering free content just to avoid those people. In fact, you are going to approach the free method of marketing in a way that will turn people who download your free content into your most devoted followers.

Your devoted followers are those who are going to quickly move from free to paid. They will want to upgrade their free content. They will want to take advantage of the personal help you can give them.

You need to strategically plan how you will move people from free to paid, and it all has to do with your marketing funnel. Your free products are going to drive people to your email list. Your email list is going to provide relationship building content as well as promotional content. You are going to consistently come out with new products that fulfill certain needs. You are going to differentiate yourself from other marketers by caring deeply and offering your personal help to those who choose to take advantage of it.

Moving people from free to paid is all about the relationship you build with them. Focus on building the relationship and providing a lot of value and you will easily be able to turn those downloaders into buyers.

The Freebie Seeker Myth... Again

The fear of the freebie seeker really boils down to ego. You don't want anyone to waste your time. You don't have to pay for subscribers who are not going to buy from you. But I urge you to think of this from another perspective. Have you ever joined someone's list because you found something of value from them? But, maybe what they had to offer for sale didn't quite match up with what you needed at the time. When did you become a buyer? Maybe it was when they promoted someone else's product or came out with a new product that really resonated with you. You then found more value from that person and went on to become a lifelong customer.

What would have happened if that marketer had deleted you right away? What if you had been labeled a freebie seeker, simply because you downloaded what they had offered for free? You can't have it both ways as a marketer. You offer things for free to get people to join your list but then you get upset when they don't buy from you immediately. Again, that's your fault; not theirs.

You need to have an extremely tight message to market match to turn downloaders into buyers. Everything should match up, from your initial blurb turning people to your squeeze page, to the promises made on your squeeze page, to the incredible freebie that person receives, to the paid upgrades and additional products people can purchase. It's time to tighten up your sales funnel so that people can't help but see your value and go on to become a paid subscriber.

But what if someone never buys? Well, hopefully you've had a mindset shift. You're not just out to make a ton of money. You are also interested in helping as many people as possible.

If people are finding value from your products, they might pass word of what you have to offer. They don't necessarily go on to buy, but maybe the person they referred does buy. Maybe they'll buy five years from now.

In any case, putting positive vibes and really helpful material out into the world for free is something you can't go wrong with. You're helping people and you’re growing your brand, catching more paid buyers than you would have otherwise. Ditch the freebie seeker mindset and adopt an abundance mindset instead. This will serve you well and will help you earn more money overall.

Give People Tons of Value

It all goes back to giving people a lot of value. Solve a problem that exists in the market that no one else is addressing. Make sure your free product is something that makes people's jaws drop open.

You may have noticed that on my sales pages and squeeze pages I offer people over 30 very high quality reports-- free. These aren't just any old reports I dug up. These are reports I feel really can help people. This attracts people to joining my list, but it also gives people a ton of value.

People can't help but sign-up to my list (I have a very high conversion rate) and many of them go on to become buyers. It also makes me feel good that they’ve gotten so much value for free that they would not have been able to get anywhere else. This grows my brand and it really makes me feel good since I always strive to have an abundance mindset.

Focus On Those Who Want To Buy

With that said, do I recommend you spend as much time and attention on those who do not buy as you do to those who buy? Of course not. Some of the people who join your list are going to buy just about everything you promote or release. Those are the people you want to pay most attention to. Those very active buyers are the ones who are going to pay your mortgage.

Many companies do something special for their most frequent and valuable customers. You should be no different. Consider developing a loyalty program to keep people coming back time and time again and to thank them for their frequent patronage.

Develop special offers specifically for these people. For one thing, you're sure to get more buyers. For another thing, you'll have more data to use about what these people need and want.

So, yes, treat everyone in your niche with kindness and put a lot of good out into the world. But, the bulk of your focus and attention should be on those who are going to become active buyers and go on to purchase your most high-end products.

Show Your Value from the Start

How do you get people to become long-term buyers and subscribers anyway? It's no secret that many people sign up to lists to get something for free and then immediately unsubscribe. How do you get them to stick around?

The answer is that you have to show your value from the very start. This is why I’m pushing you to release free products that are so great people's jaws will drop open. Then, you immediately want to showcase the additional value you have to offer.

Part of this has to do with how you treat your email list. People will sign up to get the freebie, so maybe surprise them with additional gifts and bonuses. Offer incredible material, because that first impression does count.

You want them to get used to, and even addicted to, opening your emails on a regular basis. Train them to open your emails and it will be a lot easier for you to get the sale. There are many other marketers out there vying for the attention of your audience. Set yourself apart right away and you'll quickly zoom past the competition.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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