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Money Making Method Ten: A Perfect Exchange

You’ve no doubt noticed that most of these strategies are based on the idea that you can earn money by helping others solve a problem. That’s what makes Internet marketing go around. With this strategy, you’re going to make a perfect exchange no marketer will be able to turn down. It’s a joint venture concept, with a major twist.

The Basic Idea

You’re going to offer to create a product for someone in exchange for one or more emails to their list. In this case, the product is going to be totally separate from what you mail out-- it is your bartering tool. You can have them mail an offer you created or something you’re promoting as an affiliate.

This method can work really well because it doesn’t require you to lay out any cash at all. It doesn’t require anything but the guts to contact people with large lists until one of them agrees to your barter. It is truly a great offer-- so you’re bound to get a taker.

If you’ve read some of my other methods, you are now aware of how to create a great product. Or, maybe you already have a product you’ve created that is really struggling with sales. Either way, it’s time you dust it off, or create it, and get the power of a super affiliate behind it.

In an ideal world, people would automatically see the value of what you create. They would see your product for what it is, love the commission you offer, and mail the product out. The unfortunate fact is that there are so many other product creators out there vying for attention. You need to do something extraordinary to be seen.

If only you could get access to their large, responsive list, and use it to mail about your own offer.

Well, that can turn into a just have to give the product owner an offer they can’t refuse. In this case, a service that would otherwise cost them hundreds of dollars. You are going to create a product for them.

This offer won’t be enticing to every marketer you come across, so get that out of your head right now. It will, however, be enticing to many marketers out there. After all, what do they care about one email to their will create a product that will earn them thousands of dollars over time. And that is exactly how you need to present your barter proposal to them.

What if you don’t have a product to promote of your own right now? No worries at all-- there is sure to be a great product you can promote with your affiliate link. You’ll barter with a marketer to send out any email of your choosing, including one that has your affiliate link embedded.

Will this work? People pay good money for solo ad mailings all the time. You are doing the same thing. Except, you’re creating a product as your currency instead of spending money. It’s a great idea you can surely profit with...this week.

Things to Think About

● You want to choose a list marketer who doesn’t churn and burn their list-- their readers should respect them

● You will get turned down by some. Dust yourself off and keep trying

● You need to vet the marketers before you make this offer. There are some who won’t give you the time of day. There are others (especially those you have even a little bit of a relationship with) who will love this idea because no one is doing it. And there are others who will have large lists but can’t drive many sales for your offer.

A Breakdown of the Method

● Choose what you want to promote

● Make a list of marketers you are friendly with, who will like this idea

● Make a list of marketers you suspect will like this idea

● Make a list of marketers who sell solo ad spots

● Inquire and work out the details -- it only takes one to say “yes!” this week

● Write the autoresponder copy for the marketer to mail

● Check and double-check the details

● Have the marketer mail your offer-- check the stats to make sure it went okay

● You should see clicks and sales coming in, if you have chosen a marketer with a targeted and responsive list

● In the meantime, gather details so you can create their product

It should not take the full week for you to start earning with this method, depending on when the marketer decides to mail. The only difficult steps here will be finding a marketer to agree (it shouldn’t be that hard, if you frame the offer the right way) and then creating their product when the time comes.

Day One

Choose What You Want to Promote

The first step is to choose what you want to promote. Choose a product you know could do great with some great promotion behind it. Do not despair if you don’t have a product of your own-- you’ll simply choose a product to promote as an affiliate.

The most important thing is to make sure the list marketers you try to barter with have relevant lists. It won’t do you a bit of good to try to sell an offline marketing method via a list that is focused on Amazon niche marketing. Consider that as you move through the rest of the steps today.

Choose your promotion and then move on.

Target a Large List Size

You want this to be worth the effort it will take you to create a product. Try to target those with a list size well into the thousands, if you can.

Make a List of Marketers You Know

The great thing about Internet marketing is that it’s easy to make friends with those who have the same goals. Many of them have achieved what you want to achieve-- they have great, responsive lists. Have you made friends in marketing that will be receptive to a great barter? Make a list of those with lists that match what you want to promote. You’re already friends with them, so...send them a friendly message to propose your idea.

Make a List of Marketers You Think Will Like This Plan

You’re probably on several marketers’ lists. You’ve gotten to know them through their daily emails well enough to know that they might like the idea you’re going to propose. Most good list marketers care a great deal about the success of their readers. This is truly a great deal, so don’t worry that everyone will hate it. You’ll get the best response from marketers you’re friends with already, of course, but this is a great alternative.

Make a list... you only need one person to say yes.

Make a List of Marketers Who Sell Solo Ad Spots

This is an option if you’re totally stuck on who to contact. There are many list marketers who regularly sell solo ad spots. They typically charge several hundred dollars (sometimes more), but your barter will probably get their attention as well. Note that lists that are used to getting sold via solo ads may not be as responsive as those who rarely or never receive ads for others’ offers.

Also, if the cost of their solo ad spot isn’t a large expenditure, maybe you’d be better off just buying an ad instead of spending time to create a product to barter with.

Contact Them...and Wait for Their Responses to Come In

You’ve made a list of potential list marketers to contact. It’s time to go for it! Please follow these guidelines before you do:

● Research each marketer before you contact them-- you want to make it clear you know who they are and what they are about (just as you would research a job before you went on a job interview)

● Make sure you target those who are most likely to be receptive to your offer

● Only contact marketers who have lists that are targeted to the offer you plan to have them mail out

● Be really friendly and personable in all your communications-- they are doing you a big favor. Play your cards right and you’ll earn money this week

● I’ll say it every time-- never mail templated emails! Tailor each one to your relationship with the marketer, their background, and why this is a win-win deal

You can read the remainder of this post or download it in PDF format here.


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