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Money Making Method Six: Site Building Quick Cash

Marketers absolutely love having a slew of affiliate niche sites-- they know their ‘niche empire’ can earn them a wonderful, passive income. It’s a brilliant business model. Buyers are constantly searching for specific products online. Many of them like to read reviews or follow recommendations on these little sites before they buy-- affiliate marketers profit from this.

The problem is that, as easy as the sites can be to put together, many marketers loathe building them or don’t know how. They are willing to pay some nice cash to get other people to do it.

You’re going to cash in on that idea by building mini niche sites for people.

It helps if you already know how to build mini niche sites, but it’s definitely something you can learn along the way-- you’ll just be a bit slower until you get the hang of it. Luckily, there are some nice plugins and themes that make life easy for you.

The easiest type of site to build and sell is one that focuses on the physical products on Amazon. These mini niche sites are known for being high converting and fairly easy to rank in the search engines-- that’s why you shouldn’t have much trouble getting takers for your offer.

The Basic Method

First, you’re going to build a sample site. These sites take just a few hours to do, so no stress. You can keep the sample site for yourself or even sell it to a client-- you can offer this as an upsell.

Your sample site will focus on one type of product-- a fairly specific type of product. You’ll write a homepage article of around 800 words. Then, you’ll write individual reviews of 4 of the related products. These product specific pages are designed to pull in easy search engine traffic.

Note that this is not a method that requires ‘no work.’ Fast cash doesn’t work like that. But, you can and will get sales if you do a good job with this and frame your offer in the right way.

You’re going to market your offer after you’ve finished the sample site. You’ll offer 5 of these sites and get paid upfront. This will help you get some income fairly quickly, as you complete the work over the next week or so.

If you can do one site per day, you’ll be set. There are a lot of details that go into this, of course, but I’ll cover those things in the daily breakdowns.

Your clients will choose their niche/product type, domain name, and specific things they would like included on their site. You’ll ask them for the Amazon associates tag they’d like to affiliate with this website. They’ll love that you’re going to monetize everything for them.

What You’ll Need

You will need a domain name and a hosting account for your sample site. I recommend you use Namecheap for your domain name and Hostgator for your hosting. Ideally, you’ll have hosting already. I mentioned earlier that this may not be the method for you if you’ve never worked with WordPress before.

You will also need a way to market your offer. I’m going to suggest the Warrior Forum for your purposes today. It’s quite simply one of the most heavily trafficked Internet marketing marketplaces so you can make fast, targeted sales with little effort.

You’ll either sell your offer to build custom sites for people as a Warrior Special Offer or in the Warrior Complete Web Sites for Sale section. Both of these are paid options, unfortunately. The WSO will cost you $40 while the Sites for Sale listing will cost you $20. The benefit of the WSO section is that it gets a lot more traffic and can get you a faster sale. The benefit of the Sites for Sale section is that it’s very highly targeted-- people are looking for exactly what you’re offering. Take a look at both and make your decision from there.

When you sell a site, it’s easiest to have the buyer register the domain name and point it to their hosting. You could do this for them but then it gets to be a pain to transfer or push the domain to them when you’re finished building. Most buyers are fine with this since they’ll have control at all times.

Day One

Create Your Sample Site

Today, you’re going to create your sample site. This might be a slightly frustrating day if you are new to this. It will be a breeze if you have even a little bit of experience with WordPress.

Get into the right mindset before you get started. Take a look at other people’s successful Amazon affiliate sites so you are inspired and know what’s current.

Choose Your Product Type

The very first thing you need to do is find a hot group of products you can base your sample site around. The client will choose their niche, but they may ask you for some guidance so pay attention to these steps.

I suggest you choose a general niche. Go to Amazon’s homepage at Then, choose the ‘shop by department’ option from the drop down menu at the top. Browse through the general topics and then drill down. For example, ‘home and garden,’ and then ‘small appliances,’ and then ‘coffee makers,’ and then ‘programmable coffee makers.’

You want a niche that is fairly narrow-- something that will help you or your client rank easily in the search engines and get really targeted sales. Even if you could rank for ‘coffee makers,’ those who find your site won’t really be in the buying mode yet. But those who are searching for ‘programmable coffee makers’ will be a little closer.

Next, choose the specific programmable coffee makers (insert whatever niche you’ve chosen instead, of course) you’ll target. Use their specific brand and model name in your list-- Mr. Coffee programmable coffee maker is not specific enough. The Mr Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT programmable coffee maker is better.

Choose four specific products.

Choose Your Domain Name

Choose a main keyword related to your niche. Try to find a domain name that is very related -- something like is great, though probably taken. The point is, you want a very specific domain name that will call out to Google and those who find you through Google (“Hey! This site must have exactly what I’m looking for-- I will click this link.”)

Be sure when picking a domain name that you don’t pick a brand name, because it’s likely trademarked, and you’ll likely receive a ‘cease and desist” order if you do use someone else’s trademark in your domain name. So in this case would be a very bad choice.

Register your domain name and point it to your hosting.

Gather Your Research

Next, you need to gather some fast facts about each of the products you have chosen to target.

Make a notes page for each of the products. The Amazon product page will have everything you need to know.


● The name of the product

● General specs/features of the product

● Main points in positive reviews people leave

● Main points in negative reviews people leave

That’s it! You’re only going to write one 400 word article for each of these. Save these notes for when it’s time.

You can read the remainder of this post or download it in PDF format here.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:


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