Money Making Method Seven: Leveraging Other Marketers

You’ve no doubt looked at the assets other marketers have and have been really envious.

“He’s only been doing this for a few months and he already has a list of thousands!”

We’ve all been there. But, I’ve learned that you can’t just dwell on what others have and what you don’t have. You have to learn to use every situation to your advantage.

That old adage that, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” holds true. You can use, with permission, anything these marketers have if you ask them the right way. It’s all about how you frame your communication and offers-- in everything you do in business.

You want a list of thousands you can use right now? You can have it-- you just need to figure out what that already-successful marketer needs and wants, and that you have.

You’re going to ‘cut the line’ when it comes to marketing. Actually, this is probably how those ‘other’ people seemed to go from newbie to guru so quickly. They stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before them and they don’t build their business from scratch.

The difference between those who succeed quickly and those who take a long time are the risks they are willing to take. You have to be willing to get turned down by 5 marketers just so ONE person can say, “yes!”

This method is for those with thick skin who want to zoom to the front of the line.

Not everyone you approach is going to have time for this or the need for this, but some will. When they do, you’ll have access to more targeted buyers than you can imagine right now.

I know this all sounds a little mysterious at the moment, so let’s dive into the details.

The Basic Method

The basic method is going to sound a little bit like creating a product and getting others to promote it as an affiliate. But, it’s actually more like finding joint venture partners. You’re going directly to successful marketers (with lists) to make them a deal they can’t refuse. This will be a work-intensive week, but then you can start to ride the wave of fast profits.

Your first step will be to find an Internet marketing niche (or subniche) you are comfortable with. Ideally, you’ll choose something you can create a report or ebook about with little to no research.

Your goal is to locate several mid-level marketers within the niche to strike a deal with the product you’ve created.

For example, let’s say you are familiar with how to build mini niche sites to promote products on Amazon (something you should be very familiar with if you read my mini site services strategy). There are several pretty well known marketers that specialize in Amazon affiliate sites. Find and make a list of them.

You don’t really want to target ‘guru’ marketers because there is little chance that you’re going to get an ‘in’ with them as quickly as you need to-- that’s a card you can play for later. Also, don’t discount newer marketers with lists of 500+ ... nothing is too small if it’s a targeted list. In fact, it’s much better to work with a marketer with a very small, highly targeted list than it is to work with a marketer with a very large list that’s not targeted at all.

Hint: It’s probably easiest to find marketers with a list if you look at the WSO archives at -- find those who had successful products targeted to your niche (in this case, affiliate marketing on Amazon) and make a list of them.

You’ll take some time to get to know the marketers on your list. Note how popular they seem to be, how busy they seem to be, and what their personality is like. You’re eventually going to contact them and you need to have as much information as possible so you can communicate in a way that is most likely to get results.

Your next step will be to create a great ebook, report or other product they can sell to their list. You want this to be an offer they can’t refuse, so give them an extremely high percentage of the sales-- ideally 100%. I know that sounds crazy, but you’re going to have a backend upsell ready to go. You can give the marketer with the list 50% of the upsell and they’ll be happy. You’ll earn money right away, plus you’ll have all of the buyers (even the ones that didn’t take the upsell) on your list.

You can do this as many times as you’d like. Try to take the time to individualize the offer to suit each marketer you contact.

Your new list will grow and grow, and become an asset marketers will envy. It’s your turn.

Here is a bullet point breakdown so you can see the full picture:

● Find a niche you are very comfortable with

● Find a series of mid-level marketers in that niche

● Create an unbelievable offer targeted to the type of people on their list

● Offer them ALL of the profits from this front end offer

● Offer them HALF of the profits on your great upsell

● Make sure you collect buyer names in an email list so you can benefit from this list time and time again

● Do this for whomever says yes

● Rinse and repeat-- craft your offer specifically to them and their list

Day One

Today, you’re going to choose your niche and make a starter list of marketers you can contact. I mentioned earlier on that the easiest way to do this is to look at the Warrior Special Offer archives at

You can search by marketer, topic, and more-- I suggest you search by topic. There is bound to be a topic you’re pretty knowledgeable about or are interested in learning more about.

Warrior Plus allows you to open active WSO threads and view archived threads. From there, you can get a feel for what the offer was about and how popular it was. Make note of the product owner’s personality (which you can see in their responses). It might sound silly, but this is one way to gauge how receptive they might be to mailing for you.

Make a List

Go through and make your list of potential contacts. If you can, note their ‘real’ email address. Many successful marketers on the Warrior Forum get overwhelmed when they are contacted through the private message system.

Learn as Much as You Can About Them

Don’t stop there-- find and visit their blogs and websites. Your goal is to learn as much as you can about these marketers today. Nothing is worse than when you send form emails out to marketers, begging them to plug your stuff. You need to build relationships if you are going to do this right.

Additional Places to Find Marketers With Lists

Find and research more names than you think are necessary. You can find more options by looking at Clickbank product owners, Internet marketing Amazon Kindle authors, and even by doing Google searches. Today is all about the research and the planning.

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