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Money Making Method Nine: Product Bundle Partnerships

Sometimes, you need to get creative and see where you can fill a need. You’ll always be able to make more money if you can help other people make more money-- especially when they can earn the money without lifting a finger. Have you ever noticed that people make money with special offer products, but then never promote them again? You’re going to fix that problem for these marketers, help them earn more money, and pocket some nice cash for yourself.

The Basic Idea

You’re going to be a broker, of sorts. You are going to find lost, ‘dead’ products and nurse them back to health. You’ll earn money for yourself and for the product owners.

This is a total win-win idea. The products are sitting out there, already created, but not making any sales at all. The products are probably quite good (and you’re going to make sure they are by checking the reviews first).

And here you are, in need of making money this week. Maybe you don’t have the patience to create a quick product of your own like I’ve detailed in a couple of the methods. That’s why this method is so fantastic.

This method is very fast because most of the work is done-- the products have been created and even the bulk of the sales copy. All you need to do is organize the product owners, write the sales letter, get affiliates on board, and take care of the finer details.

What do you get out of this? These product owners will no doubt mail their lists about this new, insanely cool offer. You’ll build relationships with these grateful product owners. You also get a nice chunk of the income from the sale...not to mention all the buyers will go on your list.

Here is the breakdown of the basic steps:

● Choose a popular niche

● Use the Warrior Forum archives to find products that were good sellers, but are most likely not still being sold (or have just been left there, with no solid promotion done on them)

● Verify the products are not being sold elsewhere

● Make a list and contact the product owners with your idea

● Explain that you’re going to bundle several awesome, related products for a hot, limited sale. Hit on those benefits-- they don’t have to do any work but will get a cut of the profits

● Write the sales letter-- use elements of scarcity (“This offer will only last for 7 days!”)

● Consider an upsell

● Get affiliates, including the product owners themselves

● Run the offer on your own domain

This can be a lot of fun for you and for the product creators. Plus, it can put some cash in your pocket before the week is over.

Day One

Choose a Niche

There are so many Internet marketing products out there that it can be hard to zero in on a particular niche. But, that’s exactly what you need to do. You want your package to be very targeted so it sells really well. There are Internet marketing packages, firesales, etc. that are mixture of many different niches, but this strategy will work much better for your purposes.

Choose a Popular Niche

There is sure to be a niche out there you have a lot of Interest in. Ideally, it will also be one that has a lot of great products. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the Warrior Forum Special Offer archives at You can sort by the best sellers to get a feel for what kind of package might do well for you right now.

Find Products That Have Been Left to ‘Die’

You’ll undoubtedly come across products in your chosen niche that are selling well right now. But you need products that have been practically abandoned. These might be products that were really hot 1-6 months ago or so. Dig deep into those archives to find some great candidates.

Your criteria should be:

● It was a good seller when it was first promoted

● It seems to have only ever been promoted on the Warrior Forum

● It has positive buyer comments

● It fits well within the niche you’ve chosen

Make a list of 5-10+ products that fit this list.

Are the Products Being Promoted Elsewhere?

Your goal here is to get the interest of enthusiastic product owners who have made the mistake of abandoning their products. You have to figure out what the best candidates are.

Keep in mind that people sometimes take their offers off of the Warrior Forum to promote them somewhere else-- this is good business practice, but you’d be surprised at how many people neglect to do this. Those are the people you’re going to strike this deal with.

Do a Google search for each product in question. Does it show up anywhere but the Warrior Forum? If not, it’s reasonably safe to say it’s not for sale anywhere else. I’d say it’s fine to contact the product owner.

Verify the Product Owner’s Information

Gather your list of potential products and add each product owner’s information. Please do not just send a form letter to these marketers-- they can smell that a mile away. Get to know them and their products a little bit before you write to them.

Then, write a note that talks about what you want to do, why their product would be a great fit, and note that they’ll make sales with their great product without having to do anything else (although one requirement or suggestion could be that they mail their list with the offer-- it’s easy extra money for you and for everyone else since they have a targeted list). Explain that you’re going to bundle related products in a limited sale-- from respectable marketers such as themselves.

Ideally, you’ll hear back from everyone pretty quickly. Also mention that you’ve just been inspired by this idea and are looking to launch soon-- within days to a week. That should encourage people to respond a little more quickly than they might otherwise.

Day Two

Today is a continuation of yesterday. Continue contacting marketers if you’ve gotten some no answers or haven’t gotten a response. It’s better to have more products in your bundle rather than less.

If you haven’t gotten an answer from a particular marketer via forum pm (the least recommended method), try email, their blog, or Skype. Do not do all three-- it is annoying to many marketers when people try to contact them five different ways without waiting for a response first.

By the end of today, you will hopefully have some enthusiastic marketers on your side.

What to Get From the Marketers

I’m not a lawyer, but I think it would be really smart to get some kind of written statement that you’re allowed to include their product in this bundle.

You should also ask for all of the product downloads in a zip file so you can include it on the download page.

You can read the remainder of this post or download it in PDF format here.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:


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