Money Making Method Eight: Cashing in On Hot Topics

Internet marketers are an interesting bunch. They are always into the next best thing. You hear a lot of people talking about ‘shiny object syndrome’... always wanting more, more, more. That’s because there are so many exciting opportunities in the marketing space. It’s always changing. What worked years ago may not work now, or it works in a different way. What was hot two years ago may not be what is hot right now. That’s part of what makes it fun...and you’re going to profit from the need marketers have to find easier, better ways of earning money from home.

You’re going to use some simple research techniques to get to the heart of what Internet marketers are eating up right now so you can create a quick product about it. This is a passionate and desperate audience that is already primed to buy new products that can help them earn more money or boost their business in some way. It doesn’t matter whether you have a ton of experience or not-- it’s best if you do, but you’ll be a ‘reporter and researcher’ if you do not. This is a strategy anyone can use to cash in with products.

I want to note that it’s not always a good thing that marketers lose their focus and buy new products. Some might feel they are taking advantage of marketers who possibly buy too many products. But, I don’t think you can look at it that way. You’re going to present them with something that will be very helpful to them. You can’t force them to actually use your product or follow through with what you describe. Your only role in this is to do a good job with the product. IM’ers are going to buy a lot of info on the latest and greatest marketing technique, so it may as well be a quality product from you.

Scared because you’ve never created a product of your own before? Don’t be. There is a first time for everything and you have a fire under your bum right now to earn some fast cash. You’re motivated and I’m going to detail a method that will make it easy for you.

The Basic Method

The first part of this will be figuring out what the hot topics are right now. You can’t choose something that was ‘the thing’ 6 months ago and expect to get a lot of sales. At this point, you want to go with the crowd. You know how it feels like you get a dozen emails a day promoting one technique or way of making money? That’s because smart marketers figure out ways to quickly cash in on these trends.

You’re going to follow the money (which is what every smart marketer does), but you’re going to add a twist. You’re going to create a product that is unlike anything else out there. There are several ways to do this, and none of them are hard, so stay tuned until we get to the section on brainstorming.

You are going to get affiliates on your side by giving them an offer they can’t refuse. There are many marketers out there, with lists big and small, that are always interested in promoting a product related to a super-hot topic.

I’ll get into the full daily breakdown of this method, but here is an overview so you know what’s to come:

● Research and find a ‘hot’ topic

● Come up with a unique angle that will excite people

● Choose one of 3 product creation techniques: case study/research, unique method, ‘borrowing expertise’ (aka, conducting an interview with an expert)

● Get affiliates on board, while you create the product

● Write the sales copy, prepare affiliate template emails

● Set the launch date and time

● Launch your Warrior Special Offer

● Promote your offer while continuing to get affiliates on board

● Launch in other spots off the Warrior Forum (Earn 1K a Day, Clickbank, etc.)

What You Need

You don’t need much for this-- except for a Warrior Forum account and the willingness to spring for the payment to post your ad. If you choose to do an interview, you’ll need Skype and recording software. I suspect you’ll already have most of the things you need to make this method happen.

Day One

The first day is dedicated to research and decision making. You might have a great idea of what you can create a product around, but it’s important to do research to make sure. You want to earn money this week, which means tackling a topic that’s just about guaranteed to make sales.

Research a hot topic and come up with a unique angle that will excite people. Not sure how to do that? Let’s get started...

Starting Your Research

Whether you love the place or not, the Warrior Forum is the best place to figure out what Internet marketers are buzzing about. It’s a very active forum and some of the biggest names in Internet marketing choose to launch their products there. The Warrior Special Offer section is a particularly good spot to start your research.

The Warrior Special Offer section is where marketers offer special deals on Internet marketing products. This section gets a lot of browsers...and buyers. Some WSO’s fall flat on their face. Others do extremely well-- sometimes earning the product creator thousands of dollars. The most successful WSO’s have earned their creators the equivalent of what many people earn from their day job in a year. It’s funny how things work out.

Whether you’ve ever run a WSO or not, now is the time. Starting your research in the WSO section will serve double duty, you’ll learn a lot about what people tend to sell and how you might present yourself as a product creator in that marketplace. You’ll also hit upon topics you can cash in on this week.

You can search the Warrior Special Offers section itself:

But it might be easiest for you to just look at the top sellers at the WSO archive, here:

Browse through the top sellers from today, yesterday, and over the past 7 days. Check out the top sellers for the whole month. Do you see some common threads?

You might notice that there is more than one hot topic in the best selling section. In that case, I suggest you go for the one you have the most knowledge about or interest in.

This research really doesn’t have to take that long-- if a certain topic is a consistently hot seller, you can bet it has the potential to be a hot seller for you as well. Now...choose your topic.

Finding a Unique Angle

You may have noticed throughout your research that just because a product is related to a ‘hot’ topic, does not mean it becomes a bestseller. There are a variety of factors that go into that designation. One of which is affiliate support. You’re going to get affiliate support, but you want your product to get noticed on its own and from your other promotional efforts.

That’s why you have to find the delicate balance between going with what already works and standing out in the crowd. You need to find a unique spin or angle you can take for your product that will set it apart.

Visit the threads of the best selling products. Take a look at what’s included in the products and the types of comments people left. Take notes-- this will come in handy later.

Do people consistently mention something they love or would love to see? That’s a huge hint that you can fill in those holes in the market.

What would you want to see, as a consumer?

Be creative and get inspired-- I find that setting a deadline for myself brings me a lot of creativity. I’m forced to cut through the mind-clutter, and the needless hemming and hawing, to make a decision. Remember that you’re not creating a mega-course or anything like that. Your product will take under three days to create (yes, you can do it). Go with the one-problem, one-solution method when you settle on your product angle.

Here is an example:

Hot topic-- Offline marketing

Subtopic-- Offline marketing/selling websites without cold calls

Unique angle-- How to Get 10 Offline Business Clients By the End of the Week With No Cold Calling

Do not take longer than today to choose your product topic and your unique angle-- I know you can do it.

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