Money Making Method Four: The 'Free' Way to Profit

People love to get things free. Even people who are very wealthy love to get things free. There is something about it that triggers a reaction we just can’t avoid. Must. get. free. stuff.

So, how can you turn this human desire into cash?

Combine the human desire to get something for nothing with the natural feeling people get when they get something for free.

When you give someone something, they consciously and unconsciously want to return the favor. In your case, they’ll be much more likely to buy an offer from you, open your emails, and be all ears as they listen to what you have to say.

I really like this method because it’s a winner for everyone involved. You’ll feel good, you’ll make people happy, and you’ll make money doing it.

An Overview of the Method

You’re going to write a free guide. You’ll write this guide a certain way (it doesn’t have to be long) so that it is really helpful to others. You’ll get people to sign up for your email list and lead people to a low-priced paid offer. You can then upsell them on a higher priced offer or any related offer. All the while, you’ll give them great value and build solid relationships that will serve you now and in the long term.

What You’ll Need

You are going to need to sign up for an autoresponder service, if you haven’t already. Aweber and GetResponse are good ones -- I believe GetResponse often does free trials. Either way, sign up with one of them, because it will be worth it.

Day One

Today, you’re going to choose a really juicy topic you can write a short report about. I’m going to recommend you stick with the Internet marketing niche for this, since you’ll have the best chance of earning fast cash and making a real difference with the information you share with those who subscribe to your list.

A short report only needs to be around 3,000 words. It shouldn’t take you that long if you type the average 60 words per minute. To be safe, I’ll have you schedule the completion of this report over day one and day two.

Choosing a Topic for Your Report

But first, you need to find a hot topic that will get people to sign up for your report in droves. Do not worry if you don’t have a lot of Internet marketing experience. You’re going to act as a researcher and reporter on the topic you choose.

Go to and At the Warrior Forum, find the WSO section. What are the hottest threads there? You can do similar research on hot WSO’s at Warrior Plus. The goal is to find a topic and product people are going crazy over.

These days, that’s often Kindle, but by the time you read this it might have changed, so don’t take my word for it. Whatever it is, examine the thread of the hot topic you’ve chosen. What is included? What are the benefits people are pointing out? What kind of comments are people leaving? The answers to these questions will help you zero in on things you should focus on for your report.

Go through and find some topics you might consider. Go with your gut on which hot topic you want to target-- perhaps something you are personally interested in (that will make this more fun).

Next, brainstorm a list of ideas for a subtopic you’ll concentrate on in your report. If you’re choosing Kindle, it might be how to drive a ton of buyer traffic to your book. Put yourself in the shoes of those who might eventually sign up to download your free report. What’s really going to get them excited?

It doesn’t take a lot for people to sign up for something free, but many are more cautious with their email address these days. They aren’t going to take the time to enter their email address if there isn’t good reason to do so.

Create Your Outline

At this point, you’ve chosen your main topic and your subtopic. You’re sure you have a good idea for a report people will really want to download. Go through your notes and look at the benefits and the things people were really excited about on the products you researched. Choose a specific angle people will be excited about, and then break down what you’ll write about in your report.

You’ll want an introduction as well as 5 or so additional sections in your report, not counting the conclusion. If you’re stuck for ideas, look at reports you’ve downloaded or purchased to get a feel for structure.

You want to take a certain angle that will set your report apart. And, unless you have experience on the topic, you’ll be acting as a reporter. That means you need to research others’ directions, case studies, reports, sales data (let’s say you’re researching Kindle bestsellers, you can gain a lot of information by looking at the Amazon page and sales information). Include whatever you’re going to write about in your outline. You want to make it so that you don’t have to think much at all when it comes time to write the report.

You’ll start to get inspired as you create your outline. You’ll find holes in your research and knowledge. Use the Warrior Forum, Google, YouTube,,, and so on to fill the gaps in your knowledge. Always cite or link to your sources, take screenshots where appropriate (this function is built into many computers), and make sure you include information that will really be of value to those who are going to read your free guide.

Start Writing

Depending on how much time you have available and how much time it took you to do the preliminary steps, you may or may not want to start writing today. If you can, just get a few hundred words or so done. You’re in the flow right now and you don’t want to lose that. Even having a few words down on paper will help you get started without issue tomorrow. You want cash fast, which means you don’t have time to procrastinate.

I also want to share some advice for if you don’t consider yourself to be a good writer. Don’t worry about it-- at all. As long as you can write on a 7th grade level, as long as you can type an email to a friend, you’ll be just fine. Writing ebooks and reports for the IM market is about conveying the information and inspiring people. No one expects complicated, overwrought, language.

Get a picture in your mind of the type of person who is going to read your report. Keep them in your mind and write just as if you were writing an email to them.

You don’t have to be an excellent writer to make some waves in Internet marketing. A bonus is that you’ll naturally become better and more effective over time.

Day Two

Today is the day of writing. Your goal is to completely finish your 3,000 word report. It can be longer or even slightly shorter. The important thing is that it delivers on the promise you’ll give people when they download your free report.

Buckle down and get started writing. If you set everything up yesterday with the outline and first few hundred words, your mind should be primed and ready to write. Just get those words down and your thoughts will start to flow freely.

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