Money Making Method One: Service-Based Quick Cash... With a Twist

When people come to me desperate to make money, I often point them in the direction of providing services. There is a good reason for that. There are always business people and Internet marketers out there who are willing to pay good money to have something done for them. Their goal is to make more money with what you do for them than what they pay you.

You can also generally get paid upfront if you run a special “fire sale” offer on your services. Many Internet marketers look for fresh talent that might charge less. It’s a bargain for them and it can help you relieve your financial burden pretty quickly.

I’m going to give an overview of the way service providers typically operate when it comes to providing services on the web. Then, I’m going to go into some fast cash methods that can have you earning this week. Including how to all but guarantee you get high paying clients, fast.

Services You Can Provide

If you’ve been into Internet marketing for any length of time you’ve seen service providers offering their services. People often think of writers fulfilling these roles but there are certainly others. There are graphic designers, web masters, virtual assistants, copywriters, programmers, tech assistants, and those who provide a mish-mash of services.

If you’re doubting there is a service you can provide, take a step back and re-evaluate. There is bound to be something in your past that qualifies you to offer services to businesses. You don’t need to have a degree in journalism to be a writer, for instance. You don’t have to have an IT degree to become a web master. You do need to be able to provide a very solid service to those who hire you, but that’s a lot easier than you think it is.

If you have the ability to send an email, you have the skills it takes to become a service provider.

I want you to sit down for a few minutes and brainstorm skills you have that Internet marketers might need. You’re sure to make some connections you can turn into a great service.

If you’re stuck, visit the service provider section at the Warrior Forum or the Services section at Earn 1K a Day. You’ll get an idea of what people provide based on their samples, pricing, client comments and testimonials, and so on. It’s often the case that seeing how successful other people are with a certain business model helps us feel like we can do the same thing.

Here is a general list of common services:

● Article writer

● Ghostwriter

● Ebook writer

● Blog writer

● Blog maintenance

● Social media assistant

● Virtual assistant

● Copywriter

● Researcher

● Webmaster

● IT assistance

● Graphic designer

You’ll notice that some of these overlap, but I hope the more specific ideas will help to get the wheels turning. The person that brands themselves as a copywriter will have different clientele than those who brand themselves as an article writer.

Don’t think too long and hard about which service you want to provide. Choose one you’re confidence you can pull off. Choose something you won’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to do. You can generally pick up article writing very quickly (if you can write a middle school essay, you can write articles for the web) while you wouldn’t be able to pick up graphic design skills quickly. It’s great if you already possess those skills.

A Typical Service Provider Business Model

The typical service provider spends some time setting up a website to offer services. They do a lot of networking and possibly place advertisements that they are available. They typically rely a lot on word of mouth to get clients consistently. Their goal is to fill up their schedule for weeks or months to come.

Many of them provide more than one service. For instance, someone might offer ghostwriting as well as copywriting services. They spend a lot of time honing their craft. Sometimes, they have special offers to drum up business. The most business minded of them keep a list of clients on a newsletter so they can generate new business on command.

I’m not going to go too in depth into good strategy for a long term business as a service provider because this is about fast cash. You’re not going to be able to use the long term strategy of word of mouth this week, for instance. But you’re going to do the same kinds of things in an accelerated and specialized way.

Take a moment to search the web for the service you plan to provide. Visit their websites. Look at their samples, pricing, and testimonials. Don’t take a long time doing this-- you just want to get a general feel for their business model. This will help you start to brainstorm and generate ideas as you start your quick cash strategy as a service provider.

Your New, Fast Cash Service Provider Business Model

Hopefully, you’re ready and inspired to start earning as a service provider, this week. I’m going to break down exactly what you should do, step by step. My goal is to leave nothing out so you have a solid, actionable plan to go off of. But, I can’t possibly anticipate every question you might have. If you get stuck... take a walk, search for similar offers, browse YouTube, search anything you can to find an answer fast so you can get back to what you’re doing. Let nothing hold you back.

Day One

The first step is to choose the service you are going to provide.

Find Ideas of Services You Can Provide

If you’re still stuck, you can find ideas using these links:

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the choices. Follow your heart-- choose a service you know you can do well with.

It’s time to get even more specific after you’ve chosen your service. The more specific you are this week, the easier it will be for you to find clients.

That’s why you need to do some more research (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take long) before you get going. Choosing a “hot” service can mean the difference between making a piddly amount of money this week and making a huge amount of money this week.

Look for Hot Topics and Things You Can Specialize In

Browse through business forums like and others. Look for problems people have. Browse through the special offers forum: for ideas on hot topics. You can always cater your service around what’s hot and selling right now.

Let’s say you go to that special offers section and see that Kindle is really hot, for instance. You could then structure your service for this week around writing killer books for people to sell on Kindle. You’re acting as a ghostwriter or ebook writer, but you’re framing it in a way that will help you get clients much more quickly.

Writers are a dime a dozen...but writers who specialize in writing books for people to publish in their own name on Kindle are much more rare. You’ll hear me talk a lot about the importance of framing your offer throughout all of the money-making methods I provide. That’s because presenting your offer the right way will always help you make more money.

Here’s another example. Graphic designers are a dime a dozen as well. There are lots of banner designers and designers who design for other common web tasks. But, there are far fewer graphic designers who specialize in creating very professional looking Kindle covers for an incredible price. (note that Kindle certainly isn’t the only hot topic right now, but it’s a safe bet for a service provider to cater his or her offer around these days).

Think of yourself as a specialist. You’re going to fast-track yourself to become an expert service provider-- the go-to person-- for a very specific and in-demand service.

Remember -- if you’re stuck for ideas, you need to use the forums and see what Internet marketers and business people are talking about and salivating over. Then just make sure your offer falls right in line with that so you can make fast sales.

Don’t spend a lot of time on this step. You need to get going and you need clients. I should also point out that you won’t have to complete all of the work this week. Your main goal is to fill your calendar for the next couple of weeks or even into the next month. Your clients will pay a deposit or even in full, if your offer is good enough.

You can read the remainder of this post or download it in PDF format here.

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