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Sell More Method 15: Focus On These Things Every Day

These are the things you should focus on every day. This is what successful marketing is all about. Think about what each of these things mean, moving forward..

Value: value is always at the forefront of everything you do. Value is at the forefront of each of these 15 methods of taking your marketing to the next level. When you think of providing more value, consider what the people of your niche need and want. You should constantly stand out by providing more value, helping your community, and caring for your customers.

Community: community is all about helping people feel part of something. You can do this through personalization, helping others, and paying attention to what you can do for others. You can start your own community or just jump in wherever there already is a community. This will help you stand out as a thoughtful marketer and human being. You can bring the community element into just about everything you do as a marketer.

Networking: you should always work on building connections no matter what you do. You never know which relationship can take you to the next level. Relationships are what help you succeed much more quickly. Network and build relationships mindfully. Don't use people, but be aware of what people can do for you.

List: your list will be your number one asset. Everything leads to building your list. This is Google- and everything-else-proof. Your list is your business. Your business is not Facebook, your business is not affiliate marketing, your business is not product creation. Your business's begins and ends with your list, and with your relationship with your list.

Traffic: you need a steady stream of traffic and chatter about your business. You do this through content, paid ads, free ads, and by your connections on the web. You want word-of-mouth to spread about you. You want brand evangelists on the web. You want people to run into you and your content at every turn. Work on making this a reality using these 15 methods.

Content: you need to provide value. Your content helps provide value and helps people find you. Stay with what's current. Get those buy buttons out on the web. Focus on providing content every day and on using that content in more than one way.

Action Steps

Imagine this is your report card. How would you score?

Where do you need to make changes?

Starting today, make a plan for what you’re going to change when it comes to value, community, networking, list, traffic, and content.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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