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Sell More Method 14: Your List Grows Your List

You want really loyal list members. You want a list full of members that love you so much they'll help grow your list for you. The relationship is the most important of course. But you probably aren't using your relationships with your list to the fullest because they can truly help build your list for you. They can help you build your list if you give them rewards, incentives, and more. Sometimes, they’ll even help you out just because you ask.

One of the best ways you can get your list members to build your list for you is by turning them into affiliates. This is something that’s so simple but very few marketers think of. Simply let your list members know they can earn by promoting for you. This is probably easier in the Internet marketing niche, but people in other niches want to earn money as well!

Every once in a while, tell the people on your list that you do have an affiliate program. Whenever they make a referral, they’ll earn money and they'll love it. You get a perk because their buyers get added to your list. This works for even non-IM niches, remember. Everyone likes extra money.

You can make this happen even more quickly by offering re-brandable reports. These rebrandable reports are great because you do the work and affiliates get to offer your content for free. Their links go inside so they get a commission on everything they sell.

Your list members can also build your list for you by sharing your content on social media. There are even social media plug-ins that give them something for free in exchange for a social like. Plug-ins like Viral Bait by Justin Wheeler do a nice job of this and can help you expand your reach.

Another very simple technique is just to ask. Simply let people know that they can pass your newsletter and content along. Make it easy for them to do by offering a downloadable version complete with your author's resource box. Always make things easy for people to do and they’ll be a lot more likely to do them.

Another thing you can do is run contests and giveaways. Give people special incentives if they share things with a friend. People love it when they have the opportunity to enter and win contests. Brainstorm and think outside the box. Make it a party and make it fun.

Getting list members to grow your list for you is all about relationships, incentives, fun, and value.

Brainstorm how you can figure out a way to get your list to “reproduce.”

Action Steps

How can you get your list to reproduce?

The first and easiest method is to tell people that they are welcome to pass your content along. You can easily put a little note at the end of your newsletter.

You can also consider creating a contest or incentive for people to share your stuff.

Most importantly, brainstorm a list of methods you could test out. What will work best for your list members? You’ve built a relationship with them, so it’s time to put this to the test.


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