Sell More Method 12: Putting Content Everywhere

Content is so incredibly important as part of your success as an online marketer. It doesn't matter which niche you’re in, you have to have content – and a lot of it. You need to have content up everywhere on the web.

How much content do you have up right now? Do you have much up? Have you been meaning to get more content up on the web to grow your business? Do an assessment and be honest with yourself.

Do you have a blog? Do you write guest posts? Do you have social media content? Do you give away free content? Do you have paid content? Do you have video or audio content?

Consider where the holes are in your content strategy. If you don't have enough up, why? What are you waiting for? Is the content you do have serving its intended purpose? It could be that you lack strategy – that you’re not motivated enough to put content up because you don't have a strategy behind it. That's all about to change.

If you want to succeed as an online marketer, you should have the following types of content:

  • Article content

  • blog posts

  • article directory content

  • guest post content

  • video/YouTube content

  • free downloadable content/reports

  • audio content/podcasts

  • paid/premium content

  • social media content

Let's talk about each of those types of content, in turn.

Article content is important because it shows your expertise. You can put article content up on your website. Usually, this is premium content that's designed to be evergreen and last for the ages.

Blog posts are important because you should have a blog as a marketer. This is where you can review others' products, share your thoughts, share what’s going on in your life, curate others’ content, and so on.

Guest post content is important because it helps you share your expertise across the web. It helps you drive traffic back to your web properties, helps you connect with other readers and marketers, and so on.

YouTube is a powerhouse when it comes to driving traffic. It's easy to host Google Hangouts and put up YouTube videos that rank really well in the search engines. You can build up a whole audience on YouTube and lead them back to your website and really build yourself up as an expert.

Free downloadable content is great for building your list, getting affiliates to promote for you, and showcasing your expertise. It can be hard to get people to pay attention to you, but they’ll be willing to give you a chance when you give them free content. When they download your free content, they’ll be much more likely to check out your paid, premium content.

Podcasts are an excellent way to attract an audience these days. Podcasting may or may not be for you, but I know of marketers who claim that much of their traffic comes from their podcast.

Paid and premium content is how you're going to make your money. You need to have paid and premium content out there to show your work and expertise. This is the content that's really going to provide value to your buyers.

Social media content is how you're going to build relationships with others in your niche. Facebook and Twitter are very popular, along with other social media networks. Spending a little time sharing content on social media each day can go a long way.

It can seem like a lot to provide content on these different platforms and in all these different ways. But really, you can mix and match. You can use all the content you create in more than one way. That means, for every piece of content you create, you can use it in a few different places.

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