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Sell More Method 9: Creating Irresistible Offers to Build Your List

There are always affiliates out there who are looking for great stuff to promote. You want them to promote the products you release. You want them to love what you release so much that they promote for you time and time again.

This is definitely doable if you have the right strategy. The only problem is that you might not know which products you should create that affiliates will jump all over. After all, there are so many other products out there that it can be hard to stand out.

Affiliates want high quality offers that will earn them a high commission. They also want to promote products they know their customers are going to love. You have to prove yourself to be the kind of product creator that's going to deliver for them over and over again. They don’t want to mail their list just anything—they want to mail their list something great. The good news is that you can easily establish yourself as a great, trustworthy product creator for both affiliates and customers and it can happen faster than you ever thought possible.

You’re going to get started by creating a new one-problem product that solves a desperate problem in your niche. After you’re finished with this one, you’re going to go on to create many of these one-problem products. These are easy and quick to create, and they only have to be around 5000 to 10,000 words. In fact, they really only have to take around a day or two to create.

Imagine having 20-30 of these amazing, high quality super-quick products out there ready for affiliates to promote for you, night and day. Your affiliates will love promoting these great products and you’ll love that your list will be built on autopilot.

You're going to give your affiliates a fantastic commission and put something great on the backend as an upsell—that way you’ll earn money on the offer and they’ll earn more than they would have with just the front-end offer. A typical structure might be to give them 70% commission on the front end and 50% on the back end. Or, even 100% commission on the front end and 50% commission on the back end.

You're also going to write a fantastic sales letter for each of your products. This will attract affiliates and ensure the product sells. Additionally, you're going to ensure that the customer is getting fantastic value so that refunds are near zero and customers are happy. When you do this, and you pursue affiliates the right way, they'll be happy to promote for you over and over again. As a result, you'll be able to build your list very easily.

If you're wondering how to create these easy and fast products, you're in for a treat. In fact, you can create one as fast as today. This is true even if you've never created a product before. It’s really that simple.

The first step is to choose a hot topic you know will sell really well. You have to investigate your niche and choose a topic people are willing to pay money for. It could be a problem they want solved or something they're desperate about. Perhaps there are other products on this topic, but you should take a unique angle on it to set your product apart.

If you want to create a quick product, it also helps if you already know the solution. That will help you write more quickly. Also, you don't necessarily have to write a product. You could also create a video product or an audio product. Audio products using Audacity are particularly quick to create. But, for the sake of this description, I’ll assume that you are going to write your product.

Before you get started writing your product, research your audience a little bit more when it comes to the topic you’ve chosen. Search through related forums and social media sites to see what everyone is talking about. Again, you want to focus on a really hot topic. Perhaps something that is very trendy right now. Your product is going to cash in on this conversation and the hot nature of the solution you're offering.

Another thing you can do is examine what's already on the market. You have to compare your offering to that of the competition. You shouldn’t offer something that's the same thing as what is already on the market. You want to offer something that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. That means taking a unique angle on what's already present in the marketplace.

From there, you need to take your unique angle and create an outline that creates the solution to the problem people are desperate to have. An outline helps you write much more quickly. You can easily and quickly get your product written, polished, and up for sale. Keep to your outline, keep it personal, and you’re good to go.

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