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Sell More Method 5: Fostering Creative Periods

To do well in your business, you need to be creative. That's really the bottom line. If you're not creative, you’ll constantly be struggling and you will be left behind. You see, the most creative people are the most successful people. When you think of really successful people in any industry, they are often the most creative and innovative. These are the people who are willing to take chances.

This method isn’t exactly a strategy, it's more of a mindset - because the answer has to come from within.

In order to foster creative periods and think out of the box, you have to actively focus on fostering your creativity. Creativity is something you have inside of you already. You just have to let it out. We are all naturally creative as children. But, as we grow older, this is something that we tend to shove away deep inside ourselves.

It's actually quite sad. Think about how happy and creative you most likely were as a child – the dreams you had and the life you thought you’d live. How close to that life are you living today? It’s time to bring yourself closer to that life.

It’s time to foster that inborn creativity. Creativity helps you innovate in life and business. It’s going to help you stand out, do a better job for your buyers, wow your audience, and live a happier and better life as a marketer.

You want to do things no one else in your industry is doing. If you do things the same way everyone else is doing, then you won't attract a different kind of audience. You have to really stand out. Marketers always talk about the unique selling proposition. This is what differentiates you from everyone else. But if you don't have that USP, then you're not going to stand out and you're probably not going to have that solid list of customers that is just devoted to you. That's what everyone wants as a marketer.

If you want to be more creative and foster those periods of creativity, you have to be willing to try things out and you have to be willing to fail. The fear of failing scares marketers probably more than anything else. Failing is what terrifies marketers even when they have been handed wonderful techniques and formulas for success in a step-by-step manner.

I have always taught, and totally believe, that failure is your friend. You have to be willing to fail with your own ideas. It can be really scary. If something’s never been tested, how do you know it will work? You don’t… and that’s okay. It’s time to change your mindset.

The fact is that very creative and successful people have failed ideas all the time. Failure is something successful people sometimes even embrace because it brings them one step closer to success. They are able to learn from their failures and do better next time. Failure is not something they are doomed with… It’s simply a data point they can use to be even more successful in the future. That's how you have to think of failure. You cannot let failure bring you down. You have to have a mindset of success.

You'll realize that along with the ideas that don't work as well, you'll have winning ideas too. Pay attention to the Pareto principle once again-- 20% of your ideas will bring 80% of your best results. Grab hold of that idea in the first place and it will help you even when you're feeling down and when your ideas don't work as well as you planned for them to.

I wanted to get that out of the way up front, because it will help you get into the right mindset. Now, let's talk about ways to be more creative. I promise you, if you pay attention to creativity, you’ll also be able to boost your income and be much more satisfied in business.

Creativity is actually one of the number one secrets to success.

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