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Creating 10 YouTube Videos

YouTube is a must for many marketers when it comes to creating great content on the web. YouTube is a top, Google-owned search engine as much as it is a video site. Users can find just about everything they need and want to on YouTube... and now you can be part of that in your niche.

Why Video?

Video can seem daunting... Perhaps even more so than podcasting or written content. And there may be reasons for that. Still, it's very easy to create great video these days. There are different types of video you can create, depending on your goals and your audience.

There's a certain connection that's made through video that's difficult to make through any other means. Depending on the type of video, they'll hear your voice and see your content visually. There's also space under YouTube videos to place a bit of written content, as well as direct people to your other web properties where you can share more.

When you connect with people in all these different ways in one shot, you can see how engaged people can become. Video can certainly be a great addition to your business and I highly recommend it. It might not be the one you start with, but it's definitely one to incorporate as part of the 5X10 method.

Check Out Other Videos in Your Niche

You guessed it -- go ahead and check out other videos in your niche. Make sure you have a solid grasp on the ones that do well and the ones that don't do so well. There's a reason some fall flat.

Know what people are searching for on YouTube. Take a look at what people are naming their videos-- even things like that can count because it affects where you show up in the YouTube and Google search rankings.

You don't have to sit there all day watching videos-- that can take forever. But it can serve you well to watch the most popular ones, and the ones that most closely resemble what you want to do for your own business.

Take notes on what you find. That will help you as you get started with this and as you make your plans for the 10 videos you're going to start with.

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