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Creating 10 Podcasts

Podcasts are a lot of fun. I think they're also often overlooked by those who are interested in getting more traffic. That, in my estimation, is a big mistake. Don't overlook podcasts-- I know some heavy hitting marketers who attribute podcasts with being their main source of highly engaged traffic. They end up earning quite a bit of money as a result of their podcasting activities.

Why Podcast?

Podcasting is probably a lot easier than you think it is. In fact, this just might be one of the simplest content methods I've included in this book. Don't believe me? Just give it a try and I think you'll see.

That's because all you have to do to create great podcasting content is to speak. Some people are very nervous about writing high-quality content. They don't feel like they can do it because they are not well practiced in doing it. But things are different when it comes to speaking. You can speak and you can speak well. All you have to do to create a podcast is to speak as if you were speaking to a friend. That's something I know you can do.

Podcasting is also fantastic because it's a great traffic source. Podcasts are increasing in popularity. They're getting all the buzz. If you can tap into creating podcasts for your niche, then you can establish yourself as an expert in a space that may remain relatively untapped by your competition. You can drive some fantastic traffic, get more sign-ups to your email list, and therefore make more sales. You are getting in front of a whole leg of your niche that you wouldn't tap into, necessarily, by focusing on written content alone.

Throughout this book, I've talked a lot about the fact that you can re-purpose your content. So yes, your podcast episodes will need some great structure and some great content. There will be some planning involved. With that said, you can re-purpose some of the articles and blog posts you have written and turn those into podcast episodes. You can speak them word for word or just use them as a guideline – such as using them as talking points.

Again, I think you're going to find that podcasting is a lot easier than you think it is and I think you are going to find that it is highly effective. Your podcast may grow slowly at first and there are some marketing sorts of things that you can and should do if you want it to grow. But if you are willing to put the effort in and start out with these 10 podcast episodes, then you should be able to see some great results.

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