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Creating 10 Blog Posts

Blog posts are another great type of content it can be very beneficial to challenge yourself to create. They’re generally shorter than articles (though not always) and are often more reflective of your personality and branding. With that said, there certainly are many overlaps between articles and blog posts. The main difference will be in how you use them for the 5X10 method.

Why Blog Posts?

I recommend you have a blog as a sort of hub for your business. This is where you can work to build your list and establish yourself as a mainstay in your niche. You want people to turn to you first for breaking news and information. You want people to learn from you, subscribe to your blog, interact with you, sign up for your list, and more. Ideally, you want your blog to become part of their daily routine.

Blog posts are often shorter than articles, so they can be less time consuming to create. They can be as short as 250–400 words, but really you can make them however long or short you need or want them to be.

Blog posts can help you win in the search engines as well as with the people. When Google and other search engines see that you have a lot of great, relevant content on your site, they’re likely to rank you more highly. That means more people can find you and can get sucked into your marketing funnel– that’s one of the main goals of this 5X10 strategy.

Blog posts are also great because you can schedule them to go out on a consistent basis. So, while you might write 10 of them over a period of a few days, you can schedule those out over the course of a month. People can get addicted to your content if it comes out on a regular basis.

Blog posts can help you win the hearts of readers and search engines. They can help you build your list and act as a hub for your brand and business. If you don’t yet have a blog, these initial 10 posts can give you a running start. If you do have a blog that you’ve let fall by the wayside, this can help revitalize it. If you do regularly keep up with your blog, then the 5X10 method can help you write content for it more efficiently.

To be clear, you’re going to challenge yourself to create 10 fantastic blog posts as part of the 5X10 strategy to revitalize your business, get more traffic, and earn more income.

Look at Successful Bloggers and Blogs

One thing I like to do when I need inspiration is look at what other successful people are doing. That can help me get my head on straight so I can formulate my own plan. It’s never about copying what others are doing– it’s all about getting inspired and getting a solid understanding of what others are doing in the niche.

What are people writing about? You need to know what the evergreen topics are and the hot topics are that people really care about.

  • Which posts are getting the most comments from blog commenters?

  • Which posts are getting shared the most on social media?

  • Which posts were written years ago but are still getting a lot of attention?

  • Which posts are showing up in the search engines?

You get the idea. Success leaves clues, so study what makes other bloggers and blogs in your niche successful and then you can come up with your plan for what you want to do to be successful with the 10 blog posts you’re going to write as part of your 5X10 challenge.

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