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How Content Helps Increase Perceived Expertise

As you grow your business, you should work to ensure that people see you as an expert. You want to be the one they turn to when they have questions or when they want to buy a product. You want to become a thought leader in your niche – the one people turn to first. If you don’t have the content out there, then there’s nothing for people to grab a hold of. They won’t see you as an expert or a thought leader.

The more high quality content you’ve produced and put in front of people, the more likely people are to perceive you as an expert.

Think about people you perceive to be experts on the things you’re interested in, or in the niche you’re personally in for your business. It’s most likely the case that those you perceive to have the most expertise also tend to have the most content out there. That’s just the way it works. People latch onto those they are familiar with. In the case of the web, it takes content for people to become familiar with you. That’s how they’ll ‘meet’ you, develop a relationship with you, and learn to trust you.

People turn to those they’re familiar with time and time again—that’s good for your sales. The more content you get out there, the more people will start to see you as an expert. The more they see you and your content, the more you’ll be at the top of their minds as the expert to turn to and to watch.

This alone can do fantastic things for your business. It’s sort of a wonderful side effect of getting a lot of content out there and driving a lot of traffic with it. This is yet another wonderful thing the 5X10 method will help you do. You truly can dominate your niche using this method.


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