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Write Short Books for Kindle

When people think about writing a “book,” they often think about something that will take months or even years to write. Indeed, some people think it’s absolutely crazy or completely impossible to write a book quickly.

That’s actually not the case at all. Throughout our history, many of the writers we consider to be great today, actually produced books incredibly quickly. Many of them had to in order to earn an income.

Sure, there are many writers out there who do toil for years and who think that anything that takes less than a year to write has to be completely terrible.

Well, we’re going to ignore those people. Those writers don’t understand that you can write quickly and well. Those people will never be successful writing short books for Kindle. That’s something you can become successful at because I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

The first secret is that you can write very quickly, even if you don’t think you can right now. If you get the process down, you can write short books incredibly quickly. I’m not talking about any old book, either. I’m talking about books that people actually want to buy and that people will actually get a lot of benefit from.

Whether you’ll be writing fiction books or nonfiction books, there absolutely is an audience out there for these short books. And that’s the second secret right there. People are busy these days. People are increasingly consuming books on their e-readers, Kindles, computers, mobile devices, smartphones, and more.

People are becoming trained to consume text quickly. We are an “I want it now!” society.

That lends itself very well to you earning great money writing short books for Kindle. This is a fantastic business model.

Writing Short Books For Kindle Is a Great Business Model

This is a fantastic business model whether you’re a writer or someone in business who’s looking to earn extra money. This is an absolutely fantastic and perfect business model if you’re a writer who wants to earn money.

You have to choose the right niche or genre and target the right audience in order to earn with your short books, of course. You also have to be able to produce quickly and well. You aren’t going to earn a ton of money by writing and releasing just one short book. That’s not how this works. But, you can earn some great money by writing and releasing a ton of great, short books.

Once you find a great genre or niche (really a great genre or sub niche), you’re going to write short books ‘til the cows come home. You’re really going to milk your profitable topic for all it’s worth – satisfying your audience and becoming one of their go-to short book authors.

How to Get Started Writing Short Books for Kindle

What is your confidence level when it comes to writing short books for Kindle? If you’ve written and released info products, written short stories, written web content of any sort at all, or done anything similar in the past, then it’s important to know that those skills really lend themselves to this business model.

First, you choose your topic. If you want to earn great money writing short books for Kindle, it’s important to make sure you’re writing short books on popular topics. You can’t just choose a topic off the top of your head and expect to make great money with it.

Find a niche/genre/topic that’s already selling well and go with that. It’s best if you can find a unique angle on a very narrow and specific topic that’s selling really well.

It’s also a great idea to make sure there’s plenty of opportunity to write and release several short books within that same topic or genre- you really want to build up a big collection of short books over time so you can earn a great, consistent income that grows and grows with each short book you write.

Write a Book to Publish on Kindle

The thing you have to do next is wrap your mind around your topic. Know exactly what you’re writing about. It can also be helpful for you to have your title in mind before you get started writing. This might seem sort of backwards, but it really can help you.

And, since it’s so important that you deliver on the title when you write your book for your audience, this helps to ensure you do that.

Research similar books. What’s in their table of contents? You in no way want to copy their table of contents – what you do want is to get some inspiration and ideas so you can come up with your own unique topics and ideas.

Also, take a look at the reviews and what the people of that niche or the readers of that genre really want to know about and read about. Find a unique angle.

Remember that you’re writing a short book. You’re going to go in-depth on one particular topic. This isn’t a long story or an exhaustive nonfiction book. It’s very, very specific.

If you’re writing fiction, then you’re writing a short story and you need to know what people who read similar stories expect. Also, if you’re writing a series or serials of short books that are all interconnected, then it helps to know what other serial authors have done.

Once you’ve done that digging, you can form your own ideas, plot, or whatever’s needed for your short book. Brainstorming is a really useful process because it can help you come up with all of your great ideas without having to deal with structure at this point.

Once you’ve done your brainstorming, you can start to organize it into an outline. If you have an outline, you can easily do more research or fill in subplot points, or whatever is called for, for your book.

Once you have your outline, you can easily get started writing. The great thing about outlining is that you don’t have to stop and try to think of what’s coming next, no matter whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction.

There are some writers out there who like to write by the seat of their pants. But, that’s risky at best, especially when you’re first starting out.

Please do make sure you create an outline. Some people balk at the thought of doing that because they think it’s a waste of time. I promise you it’s not a waste of time. In fact, it can end up saving you a lot of time.

Having an outline can help you easily write just a little bit at a time, with no stress. It won’t matter if you have hours available to sit down and write or you have 15 minutes. You can easily turn to your outline and write a small section at a time.

Before you know it, you’ll have written your book. Then, you can edit it, proofread it, and get it ready and published.

Follow this process and rinse and repeat. It’s not sexy, there’s no secret to it, you just have to put the work in and get it done.

Follow this process and it will be so much easier than you are probably expecting. Anyone can write a short book. Keep in mind that you’re just writing around 10,000 to 30,000 words. That’s really not that difficult, especially when you become as well practiced as you’re going to become once you’ve gotten started with your short book Kindle empire.

How to Build an Empire with Your Books on Kindle

Do you want to know the secret of creating an empire with your short books on Kindle?

That’s right – all you have to do is… write more books.

Seriously. Don’t just stop at one, keep on going. And then keep on going after that. Rinse and repeat until you have dozens of short books published on Kindle. When you get really good, you can write one, two, or even three of these a week, depending on how short your “short book” is.

Can you imagine where you might be with this in a year? Just keep writing and publishing. That’s the true secret to self-publishing success.

How to Turn Publishing Short Books on Kindle Into a Full Time Income

If you want to turn publishing short books on Kindle into a full-time income, then you need to consistently release books on hot, profitable topics.

Don’t just release one book and wait, as I’ve said before. Write book, after book, after book. That’s what you have to do if you want to be successful.

Sometimes, it can take a while for your income to start to grow. But before you know it, and as you write and publish more books, your eyes will grow wide because you’re starting to really earn.

Again, that’s the secret right there. You just have to write more and publish more even when you think it’s not going to pay off. That’s how you end up with a full-time income. Focus on profitable topics, focus on what your audience needs and wants and is willing to pay for, and deliver it over and over again. Watch your bank account grow from there.

Writing and Releasing Series and Serials to Earn an Even Better Income

I’ve mentioned this some but it’s really worth repeating. This is especially the case if you’re in certain fiction genres, and especially in certain romance genres. You can write series or serials to earn even more.

Series of books feature related topics or storylines or characters or something else that unifies the books. A series can be nonfiction or fiction.

Serials are sort of like episodes of a TV show. There’s usually a continuation of the storyline, cliffhangers, and all that. Serials are only for fiction genres—often romance.

The thing about series and serials is that they can help boost your income because they keep people reading. People will see that there are more books like the one they’re reading so they’ll be more likely to buy than they would be with an unrelated book.

People are especially more likely to buy another short book and keep reading if it’s a serial. Make it a good, juicy, intriguing story and you could easily make multiple book sales when there would have just been one otherwise.

With either series or serials, it’s very important to pay attention to what’s already selling well. There are certain audiences that love serials and others that really dislike them, for example.

Serials and shorts go hand in hand. You can do really well with this business model, especially if you choose to also bundle the series or serials over time for a higher price so those who want to, can get all the books at once.

Outsourcing Writing Short Books on Kindle so You Can Scale Your Business Up

Since publishing regularly is the name of the game, you might find that you have to publish more and more and more to keep your momentum going. You might start to get burned out on writing, unfortunately. At the very least, it might be hard for you to maintain your pace.

That’s when it might be time to start outsourcing at least part of this business. You might outsource idea generation, research, outlining, preliminary writing, editing, or publishing. Pick any or all of the above.

Outsourcing can help you scale up so you can increase your earnings while decreasing your workload and saving you some stress. Outsourcing can also help make this a more passive endeavor, if that’s what you want.

Start Writing and Releasing Short Books for Kindle to Generate an Income, Today

There you have it – this is a great business model to get started with. You don’t have to write a novel – you can just write something short. You can rinse and repeat your way to a self-published empire from there. You just have to get started. I think you’ll really enjoy this business model and you can really profit nicely if you focus on what’s already proven to be profitable.

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