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Set Up Blogs for Local Businesses

Smart businesses know that it’s important for them to have blog content out in the world these days. They know that their customers expect this of them. Many of them also know that having great content is another way to be found in the search engines. This helps visibility and every other aspect of their business.

The problem is that very few businesses know how to set up their own blogs. And even if they do know how to set up a blog and maybe even how to get started posting on that blog, very few of them know how to optimize it in the right way and how to transform that blog into a real asset.

That’s what makes this such a great opportunity for you. You’re someone who knows something about Internet marketing. You know what it takes to succeed online. And now you can lend your talents and skills to local businesses that need your help.

You Can Set Up Blogs for Local Businesses as a Service

The great thing is that, depending on where you live, there may not be anyone else offering this service. Even today when Internet marketing is more essential than ever before, there are so many businesses that have yet to take advantage of it at all.

There are very few or no offline consultants (which is what you’ll soon become) in some of the smaller areas. And even in some of the big cities, the field is wide open to help businesses stand out.

What You Have To Understand about Local Business

One thing you have to understand about local businesses is that they are often used to spending a lot of money for their advertising. If you can make the case that having a great and active blog is fantastic and much-needed advertising, then you can make some great money.

What you can also help local businesses understand is that they really need to have an email list that they grow by using their blog. What many of them don’t do, even when they do have a blog, is pay attention to email marketing.

You already know that having a blog and building an email list are among the most important things you can do whether you have a local business or are a web marketer. Now you can get this going for local businesses as your own business.

You also have to understand that local businesses are very busy. Even if they do understand how to get their blog up and running, they just don’t have time to maintain it, optimize it, and pay attention to it in the way that it deserves.

The need is there—you might be able to land a client pretty much right away. It might be the case that they’ve been waiting for someone like you or have needed someone like you but just haven’t known where to look.

What You Can Do As an Offline Consultant

You’re looking for a way to make some great money with offline marketing. Local businesses are looking for someone who can help them develop their web presence. When the two of those things combine, magic can happen.

There are some options here. They can hire you to set up a blog to their exact specifications. Or, they might trust you to set it up your way.

You might do some research into similar blogs of their competitors. You might present this research to your client so you can make decisions about their blog along with them.

Or, they might just want you to do your thing based on your research so you can make their new blog as successful as possible.

They might hire you to write for the blog or they might want to do the posting on their own. Or, they might hire you to set the blog up and to maintain it month after month. This can lead to a lucrative long-term income for you.

You might optimize the blog for them, set up a lead capture system for them, write the blog posts for them, or do whatever it is they need you to do.

Another Way to Run This Business…

Those aren’t the only ways you can run this business. What you might do is target a popular type of business instead of going after a specific business.

So, let’s say you target dentists in your local area. What you can do is set up a website that features local dentist keywords within the domain name and content. You can start a blog with a lead capture system set up. This will be a generic blog and system—for now.

You’ll get this blog up and start using it to capture leads. Then, you can present it to different local dentists and market it until one of them buys it from you.

The beauty of this is that you are already getting traffic and leads for the eventual buyer. If one dentist, or whatever type of business you’re targeting, doesn’t want it, then another one might.

You might spend less time with this business model because you aren’t building blogs to specific specifications and you can build multiples of them at one time. This is a good way to scale your business up.

Do the work upfront your way and systematize the process. Make it an attractive, ready-to-go blog that businesses can snap up and keep away from competitors.

And, if a business does buy the blog you set up and started capturing leads with, you can upsell them on customization and maintenance of that blog. This is another great way to earn more money from what you’re doing.

Get Started Setting up Blogs for Local Businesses

This can be a fun and exciting business. Again, sometimes all you have to do is start visiting local businesses and presenting your offer.

First, though, you have to decide what you’re doing, exactly. Are you building completely custom blogs? Are you getting a blog set up and then handing it over to them? Are you offering monthly maintenance and blogging packages?

Or, are you starting a general blog and capturing leads that you can later hand over to a buyer?

The choice is completely yours. This is very exciting because you can build up to a full-time income setting up blogs for local businesses.

You just have to let people know that you’re open for business. Make sure you’re providing a high quality experience and that you show them how this can help them get more customers. If they know what’s in it for them, then the service you provide can end up being less expensive than some of their other advertising avenues. You should be able to get some great, happy buyers and clients right away.

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